Bründl Sports safety equipment

Optimum protection thanks to state-of-the-art technology

CE certified ski helmets

Protecting your head is a top priority, on and off the slopes. All of our helmets are therefore certified.

The CE standard is the standard a ski helmet must meet in European countries. Within the scope of the certification process, the helmet is subjected to a range of tests to ascertain its functionality and safety.

  • Drop and penetration test
  • Chinstrap retention test

These comprehensive tests ensure that the helmet offers optimum protection even in difficult situations. The way it is constructed provides better protection from potential head injuries in the event of a fall. Other forms of headwear (e.g. beanie) do not offer this kind of protection.

At Bründl Sports, every helmet is also checked with regard to its functionality and for potential damages after every rental.

Rent helmets
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