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We also cater for younger cyclists

Would you like to enjoy your family holiday to the full and explore the region at the same time? How about an extended cycling trip through the picturesque countryside? It's a great way to spend time together while doing exercise.

To ensure that your kids are also perfectly equipped for this, we offer a wide choice of kids bikes for all age groups and sizes. These bikes are suitable for longer excursions or day trips. Whether in the town or the country: now nothing stands in the way of a joint excursion.

Please note: Kids bikes are only available at selected Bründl Sports shops.

Children & youth bikes
Perfect for family tours
Models with support wheels
Modern equipment

These shops offer children's bikes

The right bike for every child

A bike that perfectly meets your child's measurements and riding skills is a must-have.

  • For very young childrenthat still need help with keeping their balance, we offer special models equipped with stabilisers.
  • For young cyclists, our range offers a wide spectrum of bikes in cool colours and designs with state-of-the-art technology.
  • For older children, we offer bikes designed specifically for teens. With a wheel diameter of 17" to 26", size-wise they are somewhere in-between the kids bikes and the classic bikes for adults.

Children will be able to ride safely and keep their balance only if the bike is right for them and they feel comfortable on it. This way, a joint family excursion is even more fun!

Kid infront of a beautiful sunset with his bike

Perfect for discovery trips

Exploring the countryside and the great outdoors on holiday, by bike. With our kids bikes, this isn't a problem even with very young children, regardless of the respective terrain.

Kids bikes are generally mainly mountain bikes. These bikes can certainly hold their own in comparison to their adult counterparts:

  • Large wheels with a deeper tread
  • Durable suspension & brakes
  • Precise gear shifts

The stable design also makes short cross-country detours possible, and also makes them fun, thanks to the construction of the bike and its suspension. However, our rental kids bikes are also the right choice for excursions on tarmacked roads.

Besides mountain bikes, classic trekking models for children that impress with a luggage rack and more smoothly running wheels complete the rental range.

Children infront of a lake with their new bikes