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Regardless of whether you are planning an action-packed trip into the mountains or would like to explore our beautiful region, our mountain bikes are the best choicefor an athletic yet comfortable ride. You can ride them on paved roads or take a detour into nature.

Our mountain bikes are hardtail models. This means that only the front wheel is equipped with a suspension. This design makes mountain bikes extremely versatile. There are no limits to your excursions.

Please note: Mountain bikes are only available at selected Bründl Sports shops.

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The mountain bikes in the economy and in the premium version are exclusively available at the Bründl Sports shop Ischgl Zentrum.

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Equipped for versatility

Thanks to features that ensure the desired performance on even as well as rough ground, a mountain bike is always a good choice.

Mountain bikes impress with aluminium or carbon frames and above all with their stability despite the considerably reduced weight. In addition, mountain bikes are characterised by:

  • Variable tyres: a range of tread patterns from very deep to more shallow
  • Efficient brakes for maximum control
  • Perfect grip pedals for safe cross-country riding
  • Numerous gears & coordinated gear transmission

Thanks to its flexibility when it comes to choosing the terrain you ride on, a mountain bike gives you unrestricted freedom. Regardless of which kind of trip you opt for: a hardtail bike provides a reliable and athletic ride.

two mountainbikers are riding on a mountain ridge, while the sun sets in the background

Perfect for cross-country tours

Generally speaking, a mountain bike is primarily ideal for extensive cross-country tours far beyond cycling routes and tarmacked roads.

There are almost no limits to your thirst for action. With a mountain bike, you can get your kicks on the following kinds of terrain:

  • Unpaved forest trails
  • Hilly, gravelly and steep ground
  • Cross-country

You can also tackle alpine stages on a mountain bike. However, if you are looking for an adrenaline rush and want to race downhill as fast as possible, we recommend opting for a downhill bike.

Although a mountain bike is designed for rough terrain, you can also ride it on roads or in urban areas. Its versatility makes a mountain bike the ideal all-round companion.

a biker in front of mountains in Zell am See

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