The Bründl Sports helmet categories

Protection on relaxed tours and at top speeds

The integral helmets, which are especially suitable for downhill riders, are exclusively available at the Bründl Sports shop Kohlmaisbahn in Saalbach.

These shops offer bike helmets

Optimum protection thanks to the MIPS system

All Bründl Sports rental helmets are equipped with the MIPS system and therefore offer state-of-the-art protection for your head.

"Multidirectional Impact Protection System" technology, MIPS for short, represents a revolution in terms of the safety standards & possibilities in the sports industry. The focus is on optimum impact protection and force absorption in the event of a fall.

What looks like a yellow design detail on the outside of the helmet in fact fulfils an essential purpose. As the head usually meets the ground at an angle when you fall, this technology primarily aims to offer reliable protection in crash situations. An extra-thin layer between the helmet's inner liner and outer shell greatly increases its safety and protection ability. Of course, this system is still no guarantee that you won't get hurt, but it does considerably minimise the consequences and impact of a fall.

a woman is fitting on a bycicle helmet

Protection at high speeds is essential

At higher speeds, the risk of injuries increases and therefore also the need for protection. For this reason, there are special full face helmets for downhill cyclists.

Downhill cycling is above all characterised by uncompromising acceleration and daring stunts. Of course, this also increases the risk of losing control or crashing.

In order to protect yourself against serious head injuries caused by the hard ground, which is full of stones, roots and gravel, we recommend wearing a full face helmet. These helmets are characterised by:

  • Seamless full face construction
  • More stable design for all-round protection
  • Certified safety & MIPS system

This type of helmet is now standard on downhill runs and at bike parks. Whether equipped with a full face visor or worn with additional glasses, both versions are common.

Two downhiller driving down