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Maximum comfort for you and your companions

These shops offer depot lockers

The advantages of a ski depot

Besides ensuring that your equipment is safe, ski lockers also offer many other advantages that allow you to finish your day on the slopes in style and make your stay much easier in general. Here is a summary of the benefits:

  • Located directly at the valley stations
  • No lugging your equipment around
  • No queuing thanks to direct locker access
  • 2-person and 4-person lockers - plenty of room for your equipment
  • All lockers are heated - your boots will dry over night
  • Can be loaded onto your ski pass
  • Safe storage for your equipment

If you need more information about ski lockers, their structure and specific purpose, have a look at our service section .

This allows you to concentrate fully on your experiences and adventures on and off the slopes. The next day, your equipment will be waiting for you safe and dry right at the valley station.

Depot lockers at Bründl Sports