Trekking bike
For relaxed trips in town & country

The all round bike for everyday use

If you are a leisure cyclist who mainly cycles on cycle paths and across easy terrain, you will appreciate the versatility of a trekking bike. The upright sitting position is easy on your back , and as our bikes are equipped with luggage racks, they are perfect for tours lasting several days.

A trekking bike is a particularly good choice for excursions in urban areas and on tarmacked roads , as the tyre tread is not as deep as that of a mountain bike. However, you can also easily tackle trips in the countryside with a trekking bike.

Please note: Trekking bikes are only available at selected Bründl Sports shops.

Klassisches Straßen Bike
Ideal für längere Radtouren
Aufrechte Sitzposition
Gepäckmitnahme möglich

Numerous features

Trekking bikes are impressively stable and comfortable and are therefore classic all-rounder bikes.

Thanks to the diverse features and wide range of extras available for trekking bikes, they offer everything you need for a relaxing ride :

  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Reflectors for increased visibility in the dark
  • Lights suitable for urban areas
  • Luggage rack for additional storage

These bikes also have thinner wheels and a slim frame yet still offer a stable and safe ride even when carrying heavy loads.

A trekking bike's classic gear shifter also ensures that you can easily master all inclines without wasting too much of your strength.

Perfect for relaxed excursions

Trekking bikes are the most versatile bicycles offered by Bründl Sports. These bikes are ideal for cyclists that are not just interested in speed and don't mind travelling at a leisurely pace.

Trekking bikes are therefore perfect for:

  • Exploring your surroundings on holiday independently
  • Tackling longer trips
  • Comfortably covering longer distances

The practical luggage rack makes it easy to carry things like your camera, provisions or even bags with you on your cycling tour.

However, trekking bikes are not really suitable for cross-country excursions. Other types of bicycles such as enduro bikes, for example, come into their own here thanks to off-road tyres and specialized suspensions.

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