Our categories Economy, Premium and Superior  differ according to quality, selection, price and performance. Further information on this topic can be found in our rental area under winter equipment and summer equipment.

There is no blanket answer to that question, since various factors come into play (skill level, terrain, skiing style, body weight, etc.). Allow us to assist you online as you make use of our Product Finder.  You will only have to answer 5 questions, at which point you will receive our recommendation immediately. If you have further questions or need additional assistance, please write to us using our contact form or contact us by phone.  

If you are interested in a specific model, please enter the information in the box provided on our online booking form. We will then do everything in our power to fulfill your wishes. Unfortunately, due to availability and season dates we are unable to offer any guarantees.

No, ski poles are not included in the rental price.

Yes, our rental prices also include breakage insurance.  

If your skis happen to be stolen, taken accidentally or simply get lost, you will be required to pay a deductible based on the category (Economy EUR 200/Premium EUR 350/Superior EUR 500) (an official police report is required). In order to avoid potentially having to pay a deductible, we strongly recommend purchasing loss & theft insurance.

Your bike is not insured automatically. That is why we offer a special loss & theft insurance for bikes.

Puncture protection and repair costs (in the event of damage) up to € 300.- are included in the protection package. Of course, if the worst comes to the worst, our rental shop will supply you with a replacement as long as bikes are available. However, wilful damage or gross negligence that leads to material damages are excluded.

If your bike happen to be stolen or taken accidentally, the excess payments are based on the retail prize of your rental (e-)bike and will be 40% of the retail prize. Of course, with the insurance, there is no deductible to pay.

If your skis are stolen, accidentally removed or lost, you will have to pay a deductible based on the category (Economy EUR 200,--/Premium EUR 350,--/Superior EUR 500,--; an official police report is required). If you purchase our loss & theft insurance (1 day EUR 6,--/2 days EUR 13,--/3 or more days EUR 19,--), you will avoid having to pay that deductible. You will immediately receive replacement skis for the remainder of your rental period, able to continue enjoying your holiday without interruption.

If your Bike happen to be stolen or taken accidentally, the excess payments are based on the retail prize of your rental (e-)bike and will be 40% of the retail prize. The loss & theft insurance for bikes costs EUR 12,-- for 1 day, from 2 days on the prize is EUR 18,-- (For every theft charges have to be filed at the local police station!). Of course we will also replace your bike, provided that we still have rental bikes left in stock for this day.

You are welcome to exchange your rental equipment at any time and at any of our rental locations in the region. 

If the boot pinches your foot or you wish to test a different model of ski, please step into one of our shops and we will take care of everything for you. 

Yes, you can come into our shop with your own skis and ask to have them serviced.

At many locations, we have state-of-the-art high-end service robots, which means we can guarantee the best possible service of your skis. 

Do you need to have your bindings checked again? No problem, our service staff will be happy to provide you with the support you need. 

In general, skis can be ground overnight.  Faster service is possible depending on current customer demand. We will happily provide you with details.

As for our heated storage lockers, you can choose either a 2- or 4-person locker. This will have room for 2 or 4 pairs of skis, boots, poles, gloves and helmets. Since these lockers are only available on a limited basis, we do recommend booking them online in advance. 

The prices for our storage lockers vary according to location. The prices are shown on the online booking form. Depending on location, you will be able to choose from lockers for 2 people and lockers for 4 people.

If your rental location also has access to storage lockers (precise details can be found on our page with shop information), then the depot can be booked online subject to availability. Please note that our ski depots are excluded from any rebate offers and can be connected to certain conditions (i.e. booking only with equipment, minimum period …etc.).  

Depending on the season, our depot allocation may be completely maxed out. Please use our contact form to send a request directly to your rental shop. If the availability situation changes, we will notify you immediately. 

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