Our basic measures

Disinfectant measures

Disinfectant dispensers are installed at all our shops & employees keep clean all shop surfaces constantly.

100% hygienic

Rental helmets and ski boots are thoroughly disinfected after every rental

Keep distance

Floor markings in checkout and rental areas remind everyone to maintain a safe distance

Increase flexibility, decrease crowds of people

Uncertain times require flexible measures, which we would like to offer

  • Free cancellation – if you still feel uncertain or your travel plans have changed, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your rental is scheduled to begin

  • Pick-up on the day before & extended return period - you are welcome to pick up your reserved equipment at midday (12 o'clock) of the day before your rental is due to begin and after the final rental day, you can return your skis the following day until 10 am.

  • Daily billing - your travel plans change during your stay, then you can return your material earlier without mentioning any reasons and you will receive the money back for the days you did not use it. 

A picture from the top of the mountain viewing the clouds

What you can do for the safety of all of us

ffp2 mask

Always wear a ffp2 mask

Keep distance

Always try to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter between yourself and anyone not in your immediate household.


Regularly wash your hands and use the disinfectant dispensers installed in our shops.

Use cashless payment methods:

If possible, please do not pay for shop purchases in cash.

Be aware of your own health condition:

If you show any symptoms of Covid-19 infection, please do not leave your accommodations and contact a doctor immediately.