Vision 2030: We see waste as a resource and make our contribution towards zero waste.

ESG goal: Reduce total waste generation by 15 % (2022/23 baseline).

SDGs: 12, 14, 15

Cooperation with suppliers

We can only reduce packaging waste generated by the delivery of goods by working together with our suppliers. That is why we are in close contact with our suppliers and work on solutions with them. We also keep track of deliveries with a particularly large amount of plastic packaging and contact the corresponding suppliers to discuss the delivery.

Waste as a resource

We have multiple partnerships with regional companies that turn waste into a resource. We do not purchase any cardboard boxes; we get all our carboard boxes second-hand from a regional diary. Our styrofoam is not thrown away or recycled, but instead reused by a local construction company to insulate buildings. End-of-life stage ski boots accumulate in our shops at a significant rate, so we are especially proud to be working with our partner Atomic on their project attempting to create new ski boots from old ski boots. Old ski boots are broken down into their raw materials, the plastic obtained is technically processed and used in the production of new ski boots. These projects reduce waste, costs, and demand for new materials.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Vision 2030: We measure our carbon footprint in all business areas and are steadily reducing it in accordance with national and international climate targets.

ESG goal: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 % (2018/19 baseline).

SDGs: 7, 13, 15, 17

Energy efficiency

As part of our energy reduction strategy, we have already converted 90 % of our company-wide lighting to LED. We place particular emphasis on energy efficiency in maintenance and servicing processes. In addition, we have digitized these processes in some stores so that all employees involved have insight into the control system and we have an energy guideline

Sustainable new buildings and conversions

Our flagship store in Kaprun, which was re-opened after renovation and expansion in October 2021, was awarded Platinum and Crystal honours by the Austrian Sustainable Building Council (ÖGNI). Bründl is hereby the first sports retailer in Austria to receive the significant European sustainability certificate “German Sustainable Building Council” (DGNB) from the ÖGNI. The certificate of quality does not evaluate buildings according to a single criteria, but rather according to their overall performance: ecology, economy and social aspects are given equal weight. When remodeling our stores, we pay particular attention to the reuse of materials in the spirit of the circular economy