As a third-generation family business, we guarantee long-term thinking and decisions that make a positive impact for the future.  

Our business profits aren’t simply distributed to shareholders, but rather flow into ongoing development and sustainable investments (the new Flagship Store, Bikeworld in Schladming, digitization projects such as CRM, a booking platform and, last but not least, the sustainability concept itself), into the training and professional development of our employees (“Bründl Akademie”) and social causes (sports sponsoring, regional children’s charities, etc.).

Our suppliers must share our commitment.

Fair, sustainable use of economic means and natural resources is essential for us. We also expect this of those partners who supply us with products and services. Consistent with this, we have published a booklet of supplier obligations, in which we describe minimum requirements as the foundation for any collaboration. In turn, this booklet is subdivided into requirements and recommendations.  The partner is obligated to meet all of the minimum requirements. These involve values and legal provisions that are so important to the Bründl Group that we require our partners to implement and comply with them.  No less important, though not obligatory, or – to be more precise – NOT YET obligatory, are our recommendations.

We expect our service providers and suppliers to demonstrate respectful, resource-friendly use of natural resources, both with regard to the selection of raw products, processing, along the logistics chain and at the end of the product lifecycle. We likewise recommend concrete measures in order to comply with 2030 UN climate goals and the EU Green Deal.

This creates a cascade effect, passing our own high standards and expectations on to our partners.

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Download the Supplier Obligation Booklet

We give preference to suppliers and service providers with sustainability concepts that also implement our recommendations

Implementation of the binding/obligatory requirements contained in our Supplier Obligation Booklet are the foundation, without which any collaboration between Bründl Sports and the supplier or provider is not possible.  Further, we give preference to partners who implement our recommendations for sustainable business practices along the supply chain and/or have a concrete implementation plan. This encompasses themes such as climate-neutrality within the scope of production and transportation, the sourcing of raw materials (recycling, organic-based), packaging materials, though also the added efficiency promoted by direct delivery to our central warehousing facility, in itself a significant resource savings.

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We enter partnerships in order to achieve sustainability goals

We want to learn from the best, continue to develop, be inspired by new possibilities and measures aimed at sustainability, and share experiences with others. To that end, we have joined various networks and organizations such as respACT, CSR Circle and Land Salzburg 2050. For us, communication and networking, sharing knowledge and best practices, are essential aspects on our path towards sustainability.

We also enter into partnerships with our suppliers and service providers, working together in order to achieve sustainability goals.

We have established a sustainability taskforce

Our sustainability taskforce is made up of delegates/scouts from all relevant areas and departments of our business. Each of these “scouts” reports to a designated supervisor, who in turn provides feedback on progress and implementation measures at management forums.

The taskforce is intended to ensure that the theme of sustainability is a vibrant, integral element of all divisions and hierarchies. It should motivate employees to become actively involved, personally contributing improvement suggestions and ideas that will enhance implementation, simultaneously encouraging an exchange of ideas between colleagues. Regular workshops as well as the internal employee app “Beekeeper” provide additional platforms for exchange. The taskforce aims to operate according to agile, self-organizing principles.

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