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The Bründl gene

Extraordinarily different.

Bründl Team at work

Bründl DNA

True to our values

Even before the first glacier lift provided a gateway to our ski area in Kaprun back in 1963, we had an idea. The idea of passion. From those first handmade sleds and skis grew a wide selection of products for winter and summer sports, along with a full range of services, rental centers and brand-name stores.

Despite the growth and successes of the years which followed, we consciously decided to always stay grounded and remain keenly aware of our roots and values. That's why, since those very first hours, a sense of collaboration and community has dominated at INTERSPORT Bründl, something we proudly refer to as "The Bründl Gene". The nucleus of our DNA: We are  extraordinarily different

Magic Moments

We love to try new things, learn from our mistakes and pass on to others the energy we have gained. The Bründl Gene can be found in our shop experiences, as it can in our employee culture. We take new directions and leave well-trodden pathways, in order to create contrasts and surprise you with "Wow!" moments. With our very special Bründl atmosphere, we conjure up magic moments indeed and give our employees far more than a job.

The love for experimentation permeates our company and can be experienced in all our stores: as we assist customers, in our architecture, and in the way we go about our daily business. Allow our expert team to lead you through our unique sporting world, and experience the Bründl Gene live and in action. 

You can read more about the Bründl Gene in our Sports Feeling Magazine (PDF download).

Bründl Academy Film

Bründl Film "Sport Retail Today"

Bründl Film " Magic Moments"

Bründl Film "Wir bewegen Menschen"

Bründl Apprentice-Film

Bründl sports feeling

The BRÜNDL Sports Feeling Magazine - anniversary edition

2016 INTERSPORT Bründl has celebrated his 60 year anniversary which asked for a new volume of the Bründl Sports Feeling Magazine! Check out our 4th edition which is packed with MAGIC MOMENTS and inspirational reads about truly exceptional people.

The BRÜNDL Sports Feeling Magazine

For us, Sport is much more that just exercise. Explore the whole world of Sports Bründl in our Sports Feeling Magazin!

Magazin (PDF Download).

Read more

THE VALUES OF Bründl Sports


Creating "Wow!" experiences

 Through our joy, passion and enthusiasm, we want to touch people. Magic moments that come from being embraced by a team - the special attentiveness we share with customers, coworkers and partners. If you carry passion in your heart, you can ignite a fire in others. Our laughter, our love for life light a spark in everyone.



We make our contribution

 Everybody holds in their hands a shared responsibility for our ongoing success. A sense of mutual cooperation and a "we" mentality are particularly important. Our business principle also includes a high level of commitment to society, including aid projects, heritage organizations, special events and schools. 

3 RespeCt

Being "human". Treating each other with fairness and respect.

 Treating others the way we would like to be treated. Whether customer, colleague, supplier or partner.

4 Discipline

Achieving what we want to achieve through discipline & dedication

 Consistent and reliable. We are conscientious but not stubborn. We stand by our own parameters, agreements and our word. Despite our steady growth and successes, we always remain grounded and, now more than ever, are conscious of our roots and values.


We are goal-focused

We don't settle for half-measures. By thinking, asking and doing business differently, we achieve different, greater successes and develop better values. Idea and inspiration often accounts for just 1 %, goal-focus and "sticktoitiveness" for the other 99 %.


Thinking and acting in terms of generations

We don't focus on maximizing short-term profits. We think in terms of the strategic, long-term direction of our family business. That is why legitimate, healthy growth is especially important to us. We are courageous - but always with an underlying strategic logic and business caution.

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