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Running in Zell am See

Endurance Eldorado in Salzburg

The countryside surrounding Zell am See doesn't just invite you to go hiking and swimming: Runners and joggers also love the energizing setting. The basic question you have to ask yourself, is whether you want to keep things nice and flat or do you prefer a few challenging climbs as well. Here in the heart of Pinzgau, you will encounter both options practically around every corner.

Marathon runner during training

Through Nature

Nature in Zell am See has long been drawing people to the Pinzgau region from around the world. No wonder, since the picturesque countryside quickly captivates everyone who looks at it. For runners, a unique Eldorado reveals itself between the shores of the Zeller See, alpine meadows and an imposing mountain world.

We have brought together the perfect equipment, insuring that your outdoor experiences are as pleasant as possible. From functional running jackets to stylish tops and perfectly fitting running shoes: Our Bründl shops in Zell am See guarantee you an enormous summertime selection combined with the many years of experience of our employees. 

Quality Consultation

In order to be No. 1 in providing professional assistance, we emphasize staying up with the very latest developments in sports. Foot analysis, special technologies and many other features await you at the Bründl shops.
Together with our team, you will find the right equipment for every use, be that road running, trail running or mountain running!

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Running around Zeller See

A full loop around Zeller See is 11km long. Which is why you should be in decent shape before you take on this fun adventure. Passing the Grandhotel in Zell and the swimming beach, you will first come to Thumersbach.

This is followed by a few kilometers alongside the road until you reach the southern shore of the lake. There, the landscapes become particularly beautiful, with your run taking you through a nature sanctuary. Once at the western end, the rest of the run leads along the peaceful lake promenade and back to Zell.

Runs with climbs in Zell am See

If you are looking for a running route that includes a few hills along the way, we would recommend beginning with a tour through Schmittental valley, out to the valley station of the Schmittenbahn lift and return. On your way back, the Sonnbergweg takes you a little higher up the hillside, before the Sonnbergstraße brings you back to Zell am See.

There is definitely no shortage of other challenging running trails in the mountains around Zell am See. So as not to put too much stress on your joints, you should always wear professional running shoes. We also recommend functional running clothes. They quickly wick sweat away from your body and prevent you from cooling down too quickly.