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Get your Ortovox Headband for free

Merino Wool from ORTOVOX

Merino wool is super soft, it regulates the temperature and it neutralize odor. Almost every single piece of clothing of ORTOVOX contains merino wool, which they get from merino sheeps living in Tasmania. ORTOVOX is taking care of humans and animals and therefore they have introduced the ORTOVOX WOOL PROMISE (OWP). Their promise makes sure that e.g. the sheeps have enough space to run around and that they get good food. Furthermore they retain from methods like mulesing, which is very painful for the sheeps.

On our blog (sorry - German only) we have a whole article about ORTOVOX and its fair wool: Head over to our blog

Get your ORTOVOX Headband for free!

Together with ORTOVOX we give you a great headband from ORTOVOX made of merino wool for free, if you buy something from ORTOVOX which is worth EUR 100,00 or more.
The promotion starts on June 11 while stocks last.