Test your outfit at arctic temperatures

As a separate, sealed room in the salesroom of the Bründl Sports shop in Salzburg, our polar station draws all the attention. You can't feel the icy -25° Celsius outside of the cabin at all, however. This is due to the cabin's ingenious insulation.

Inside the cabin, it is the ideal temperature to test your winter clothing to see whether it can be penetrated by the cold. Choosing the right product is especially important for clothing for winter sports that create an airflow, which makes the outdoor temperature feel even lower.

To protect you from purchasing the wrong products and from subsequent disappointment, you can make sure beforehand that the products meet your requirements even in extreme conditions.

Outside of the polarstation in the Bründl Sports shop in Salzburg

Live from the polar station

Are you curious? On our live stream, you can have a look beforehand to get an idea of what awaits you at the polar station. However, you can only experience it first-hand on site.