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There are thousand ways to tell a story. This one follows a different way of experiencing time, one that guides the protagonists all throughout the twenty-two day expedition in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Following in the footsteps of t he country's nomadic people and the ancient Silk Road, Thomas Delfino, Léa Klaue, and Aurélien Lardy embark on an adventure to one of the most remote and still unexplored places in Asia: the Kokshaal-Too Mountains. 

This dream team, with support from legendary high-mouintain guides Hélias Millerioux and Jean-Yves Frederiksen, find themselves thrown into a world where Time and Space appear to stand still.

Start: 19:00 

Admission: 18.00 hrs

Duration of film: 53 minutes (French with German subtitles) 


Advance booking: EUR 10.00

Box office: EUR 12.00

Bründl +Card holders will be reimbursed for admission in the form of a shopping voucher.

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