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SAVE THE MAGIC: A small contribution by Bründl Sports to a cleaner, more sustainable future for skiing
Bründl Sports

Some of their quirkiest finds included some ten golf balls, a shoe, a hat, even a toothbrush. Who would have thought you would need such things on a ski slope in the middle of winter? Meanwhile, they were practically tripping over all the cigarette butts, nicotine pouches and facemasks! One of the workers on the Schmitten actually reported a little less trash than usual, presumably because fewer school classes were able to take class ski trips, bringing with them all those pack lunches and plastic bottles. “That makes a huge difference, since the kids had basically turned tossing pack lunches out of the window into a whole new sports discipline. They much prefer to buy a portion of French fries at a ski hut. But that kind of behavior is also an enormous threat to wildlife!”

How can it be avoided?

If everybody would simply stick their trash into their jacket pocket and put it in the next trashcan, we wouldn’t have as much pollution on the pistes and the wild animals would benefit in the short- and long term from a much healthier habitat. We need to reeducate ourselves on being more heedful of the food we eat and the nature around us, so that we will still be able to ski 50 years from now. Every single cigarette or piece of plastic packaging counts, it all adds up!

Man collecting garbage close up.