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Where do you encounter experienced tourers, performance-focused ski mountaineers along with rookie ski tourers all in the same place? On the piste!
The benefits are obvious: Experienced tourers value the piste as an alternative whenever there is increased avalanche danger in open terrain as well as for early-evening tours with friends. Ambitious ski mountaineers use the maintained ascent routes for uncomplicated and safe training sessions. While for beginners, the piste provides an ideal setting to practice up-hilling for the very first time. Dynafit noticed this development several years ago and was the first brand to develop a separate collection intended especially for ski touring on the piste. This winter, Dynafit presents its Speedfit Collection 2.0: with a focus on lightness, comfort and efficiency.


Two people on a ski tour at night

Lifetime Guarantee

LIFETIME GUARANTEE for your ski-touring bindings?

Dynafit, the leading manufacturer of Pin bindings, further underscores its confidence in its own product with an important new feature: As of 01.11.2019, all DYNAFIT Pin bindings now come with a lifetime guarantee.
As soon as you have purchased the product, simply go to the DYNAFIT website and enter the serial number in order to register your bindings. This will extend the guarantee from 2 to 10 years, which corresponds to the standard lifetime of a ski-touring binding. The guarantee applies to all flaws in materials and manufacturing. Any bindings affected are repaired by DYNAFIT at no cost. If repair proves impossible, the binding will be replaced by a model of equal or greater quality.


Two people on a ski tour, in the foreground a dynafit binding