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The new DYNAFIT Ultra Set-Up for long trails in summer 

Distances beyond 42.195 kilometers demand absolutely everything from even the most ambitious trail runners. Aside from extreme physical exertion, the unpredictable weather conditions and technically challenging terrain can present challenges that require the highest levels of concentration and willpower from the first kilometer to the very last. Ready for more distance? Yes, you bet! DYNAFIT gives mountain endurance athletes the reliable support they depend on to give it their all out on the trail.

The DYNAFIT Mountaineering Collection

Make the most of your day!

After work, a quick excursion on the local mountain, and on weekends, multiple summits at one fell swoop? Modern mountaineers move efficiently, lightly, and dynamically in the mountains - because speed also equates to more experiences.
Their recipe for success: efficient, highly functional, and versatile equipment to easily tackle varying terrain and those constantly changing weather conditions.


NEW: Trail running Ultra 100

True to the motto “made by athletes for athletes”, the new Ultra 100 shoe also bears the signature of a professional athlete. Sebastian Krogvig, winner of the TDS at the legendary UTMB in 2021, incorporated his experiences and knowledge of the needs of ultra runners into the shoe's development. The result: a trail running shoe that combines maximum cushioning, grip, and excellent energy return, making it the ideal partner for ultra-long distances.

With a drop of 6 mm, the new Ultra 100 shoe meets the preferences of ambitious runners. The midsole is comfortably cushioned for a springy feel, but at the same time, it's very light and reactive. The novel material weighs 20 percent less than a conventional EVA midsole but returns over 10 percent more energy.

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B-Green Label

For brands & suppliers

Here at Bründl Sports, we want you to shop with a clear conscience. Sustainability is a big deal for us, also when it comes to choosing our partners and suppliers. Our goal is to get all our partners and suppliers to sign and meet all commitments in our Supplier Obligation Booklet.

Brands & suppliers that go above and beyond in their dedication to sustainability are awarded our B-Green Label.

The basis for achieving our benchmark includes widely recognized industrial labels and certifications, such as Fair Wear, Fairtrade and GOTS. The willingness to sign our Supplier Obligation Booklet is a requirement for award of the B-Green Label.

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