Fascia Roller

Blackroll Blackbox Fascia Roller Set

Article number: A000443
€ 59,99
VAT included
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  • The bestsellers in one set.
  • For fascia training and for self-massage on specific areas and points.
  • Release tension & loosen muscles.
The BLACKBOX fascia roller set is the top seller from BLACKROLL® for a reason. This set contains some of the best tools for fascia training, which you can also use for a superficial or deep fascia massage to relieve tension and painful hotspots. In addition to a STANDARD fascia roller and a MINI fascia roller, the BLACKBOX contains both the BALL 08 fascia ball and the DUOBALL 08 fascia ball. BLACKROLL® tools are becoming increasingly popular. The versatile products are equally well received by private consumers, athletes, therapists and doctors. They are not only suitable as a training tool - you can also use them for self-massage, which makes them extremely versatile and incredibly effective. The BLACKBOX fascia roller set is a real bestseller. It contains the most popular BLACKROLL® products that are suitable for treating muscular and myofascial tension. With the STANDARD fascia roller, you get a highly effective massage tool at hand with which you can treat your muscles, especially the back, buttocks and legs, over a large area. Smaller muscle groups, including the feet, calves and arms, are best treated with the BLACKROLL MINI, which is particularly easy to use. The BLACKBOX also includes the BALL 08 fascia ball and the DUOBALL 08 to treat the muscles selectively. Especially trigger points that are responsible for local and radiating pain. The DUOBALL 08 fascia ball takes on a very special task in this regard: it was specially developed for self-massage of the spine to leave out the spinous processes. With a diameter of eight centimetres, it is also small and handy, making it suitable even for treating the neck and Achilles tendon.

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