Fascia Roller

Blackroll Duoball 12 Fascia Ball boxed

Article number: A000499
€ 24,99
VAT included
24 x 12 cm, 72 g
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  • Even more effective massage due to the distance between the balls.
  • Ideal for treating the thoracic and lumbar spine, as the spinous processes are protected by the recess.
  • Ideal massager for the thighs, flanks, thoracic and lumbar spine.
With a diameter of 12 centimetres, the DUOBALL 12 from BLACKROLL® is not only small and handy, but also incredibly effective. Two fascia balls have been cleverly combined here to massage parallel muscle strands, especially the spine. Muscle tension can be extremely painful. Especially when the pain radiates and movement restrictions set in. With the DUOBALL 12 from BLACKROLL® you can easily treat these pain points yourself. And the best thing is: you don't need outside help for self-treatment, because the product consists of two fascia balls that merge seamlessly together.

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