Fascia Roller

Blackroll Mini Gym

Article number: A000728
€ 24,99
VAT included
16 x 6,6 x 5,8 cm, 100g
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  • LOOP BAND and MINI FLOW in one set.
  • To support functional training.
  • Small fascia roller with vibration effect.
  • Targeted stimulation of the soles of the feet.
This MINI GYM set contains two of the most effective products from BLACKROLL®. The set includes the MINI FLOW - a small gym roller with a grooved surface to stimulate and loosen deeper muscles and fascia using in-depth vibrations. The MINI GYM also includes a LOOP BAND - a durable resistance band to make functional training even more effective. The BLACKROLL® MINI GYM is a small home gym that includes two of the best tools for fascia training. The MINI FLOW is a small gym roller that is incredibly light and handy, weighing only 20 grams and measuring 15 x 6 centimetres. Due to its small size, you can take the MINI FLOW fascia roller with you anywhere to do fascia training in the office or on the go.

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