How do we determine the ideal ski boots for you?

First, your foot is scanned. Using the latest technologies and four depth-imaging cameras, both feet are measured simultaneously and depicted digitally within a few seconds.

The 3D image created is of the highest precision and can be observed and analysed from every angle. The result of this analysis is a variety of data and information. Not only the length and width of the feet are determined, but also the arch type and the height of the instep.

Using the information about your feet, we choose suitable ski boots for you. You can try a number of models and compare them. In addition, we offer suitable insoles for your ski boots. Insoles fill the arch of the foot, providing stability and better power transmission.

On the tablet of the Boot Doc Station you can see the measurements of the feet

Individual adjustment

Do you still not feel 100% comfortable in your ski boots, despite insoles? For certain models, inner boot and/or shell heating and individual adjustment are subsequently possible.

During the heating process, the shell and/or inner boot is heated in a special oven or with a hairdryer.

You then put on the heated boot and stand still for a few minutes so that the boot can adjust to the shape of your foot. Cool pads are used to cool the shell.

The skiboot is put into an oven to heat it for the fitting

Further useful tips

If you experience pain on your shin or bruises form after the first few times you go skiing, we can recommend gel pads for you, which lie directly against the shin, thereby better distributing the pressure and minimising it.

It is also very important to choose the right ski socks. Socks without seams help to prevent bruises. Furthermore, you should only ever wear one sock per ski boot, rather than several pairs of socks on top of each other.

The boot fitter takes foot prints of the feet inside the ski socks in order to get insoles for the skiboots.