What happens at a ski & race boot fitting?

When is skiing really fun? When your ski boots fit like a glove and every movement is transferred directly to your ski without delay. Our professional ski boot fitting gets the most out of your gear.

An important ground rule should be considered when choosing ski boots: it is better if the boots feel too tight when you first try them on, rather than too loose;tight boots can be adjusted accordingly until they fit your feet snugly.

Furthermore, the degree of hardness of the ski boots is pivotal for the very best feeling when skiing. If the boots are too hard, they will restrict your movement. If the ski boots are too soft, on the other hand, they will allow too much movement, meaning that no pressure is transferred to the skis.

A pressure mark inside the skiboot is getting cut out

How does the adjustment of the ski boots work?

A customized insole, which fills the arch of the foot and allows it to sit stably in the boot forms the basis after the ski boots have been chosen. This enables a precise transmission of power, and prevents uncomfortable bruises to the ankles and in the forefoot area.

In the second step, pressure points are identified. Stretching out the ski boot allows them to be marked and worked on accordingly: depending on the width of the foot, by grinding or squeezing the shell.

A skiboot is getting expanded in order to mark the pressure point inside the skiboot

The final fine tuning

When the boot fits perfectly, the canting is then set to the individual leg position (in the event of knock knees or bow legs). The cuff can also be adjusted or, in extreme cases, the sole of the ski boot can be ground to achieve the angle required. As a result of the canting, the ski grips better, as the boot follows the course of the leg.

When everything has finished being adjusted for you, we send you up to the slope straight away so that you can test your new ski boots. We are happy to then correct small details right after the test run if you are not yet 100% satisfied with the result.

New Fischer skiing boot.

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Fabian was a ski boot servicer in the Alpine Ski World Cup for six years and is now responsible at Bründl Sports for ensuring that your ski boots fit perfectly and that power is transferred optimally.