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The path to a new Flagship Store
March, 16th 2020
Construction start delayed

After a two-year planning period, construction had been planned with meticulous attention to every detail and was scheduled to begin on 16 March 2020. But due to the totally new situation (i.e. the corona pandemic), the start had to be postponed. Restrictions in all areas of daily life, particularly those affecting the building trade & tourism, the high investment volume… Days-long discussions, evaluations, re-planning begin. 

April, 6th 2020
Demolition gets underway

We began by demolishing the building on the south side. It’s still open to question when we will actually begin the building phase.

Bründl Sports flagshipstore in Kaprun and the buildings next to it on a beautiful spring day
April, 15th 2020
Construction will happen

Why we intend to follow through on our building project despite the current situation: 

  • We intend to live up to our responsibilities and keep our promises to the local community, neighbors, general contractors, craftsmen etc. 
  • We believe in the future of extraordinary in-person shopping experiences in a compelling retail setting
  • Even in difficult times such as these, our values – courage, confidence, vision – continue to be embodied in our actions 
  • After the corona crisis especially, we want to be even stronger and more unique than ever 
Ansicht des neuen Bründl Sports Flagshipstores in Kaprun
April, 22nd 2020
Demolition of the annex almost complete

In the last two weeks, our building on the south side has been almost completely removed.

Bründl Sports flagshipstore, Out-building knocked down
Ending the demolition of the old buildings & start of the expansion of the underground parking

With the completion of the demolition works of the old buildings and the breakdown of Nikolaus Gassner Straße the expansion of the underground parking starts.

Rebuilding progress of the new Bruendl Sports Falgship Store May 2020
Start of the special civil engineering works of the building pit

The aerial photograph gives a bigger picture of the extend of the construction site of the new flagship store

aerial photograph flagship store june 2020
Video of the construction progress

Drone footage of the construction site in Kaprun.

Foto mit Drohne von dem Bründl Sports Flagshipstore mit einer offenen Baugrube
Completion of the Concrete Ceiling

Completion of the concrete ceiling for the basement with the new ski & hardware competency center and a much bigger underground parking.

Bruendl Sports Flagshipstore Umbau 2020
The new shop is rising

the concrete ceiling of the first floor is done and in the underground parking the first lines and wires are being installed.

Umbau Bruendl Sports Flagshipstore 2020
Der Rohbau wächst in die Höhe

Schon vier Etagen des Rohbaus sind fertiggestellt und die Baustelle vor dem Store wieder immer kleiner.

Bruendl sports Flagshipstore Umbau 2020
Fertigstellung Rohbau & Straße

Die Straße vor unserem Flagshipstore wird wieder geöffnet. Der Rohbau ist kurz vor der Fertigstellung und man kann bereits die Dimension des neuen Flagshipstores und sogar die neue Dachterrasse mit einmaliger Aussicht erkennen. 

Foto mit Drohne von oben mit dem Flagshipstore und Schnee
Sneak Peek Into The New Floors

Now we can also see progress inside our new flagship store. Even access to the roof terrace is possible already. Even though just for construction worker.

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Fertigstellung der Installationen & Haustechnik

Neben den Fertigstellungen der Haustechnik von UG1 bis OG3, enstehen schon die ersten Wände für die Werkstätten im Untergeschoss.

Umbau Flagshipstore Kaprun März 2021
Anlieferung & Installation des 11m langen Glasstegs

Ein Highlight des neuen Flagshipstores wird sichtbar. Der neue Glassteg mit Blick über Kaprun und auf das Kitzsteinhorn wird angeliefert und im vierten Stock installiert.

Installation of the skywalk for Bründl Sports Flagshipstore
The facade on the new part is almost complete.

The assembly of the new facade began at the end of April. We opted for a local silver fir for the facade. The facade should then be completely installed by mid-July. How much do you like the new facade on the left part?

Our new flagship store with scaffolding and the new facade.
Extension on the right side

At the end of May, the existing part was extended again to the right. As a result, even more sales area could be gained and the stairs are now steeper.

At the end of May, the existing part was extended again to the right. As a result, even more sales area could be gained and the stairs are now steeper.
Countdown 50 Tage

In genau 50 Tagen wird unser neuer Flagshipstore in Kaprun eröffnet. Die Fassade ist bereits fertig und auch das Gerüst wurde demontiert. An der Erweiterung an der rechten Seite wurde das Glas montiert und die Fassade ergänzt. Im Inneren wird gerade der Ladenbau installiert. 

Bruendl Sports Flagshipstore mit Fassade und dem ganzen Gebäude
30 Tage bis zur Eröffnung

In 30 Tagen können wir unseren neuen Flagshipstore eröffnen. Im Shop ist der Ladenbau bereits sehr weit fortgeschritten. Die Küche in der Gastronomie ist bereits vollständig installiert. Jetzt geht es in die finale Phase.

Bründl Sports Flagshipstore mit Fassade und Autos davor.
Only 15 days left

The store fixture is nearly finished - we already started to put the products into the shelves. Final countdown. 

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Opening, October 1st, 2021
A dream came true

New Flagshipstore

Your experience starts here!

A dream of many years will now become reality. On 1 October 2021, our new Bründl Sports Flagship Store will open in the heart of Kaprun. On roughly 2500 m², your sporting experience, your adventure, your vacation, your timeout will begin. Let yourself be inspired!

Discover the Flagshipstore
The new Bründl Sports Flagshipstore Kaprun