Find the perfect shoes with running analysis

Treadmill video analysis

In our flagship store in Kaprun, a treadmill already awaits you. In order to find the perfect shoes for you, you will be filmed from behind with a camera whilst running and then your running style will be analysed in slow motion.

Thanks to Dartfish's video analysis technology we can quickly determine your running style, find out your exact foot position and analyse any misalignments.

A staff member is doing a treadmill analysis for his client which is running on a treadmill

Running routes around Kaprun

To begin your holiday in Kaprun, we recommend a circuit around the Tauern cycle path below Kaprun castle to the Salzach river. Across the shore you can just see the Zell am See golf course. The path continues westwards along the bank of the Salzach until it turns southwards and leads back to Kaprun. A healthy five kilometres but with no noteworthy climbs, this running route is easily manageable even for beginners.

For those who love climbs, Kaprun has plenty of choice. Numerous forest roads lead to the surrounding mountains. For this, good conditions are extremely important - the ascents quickly increase your pulse to undreamt-of heights. Scenically, the route through the forest to the Kapruner Ache across the gorge path is definitely worth mentioning. Of course, nothing will stop you from going off on your own discovery. Kaprun is full of surprises for runners!

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Run from Kaprun to Piesendorf

This running route stretches along the Tauern cycle path in a westerly direction to the Salzach. Then it continues along the Salzach, still heading west. The path continues north, heading over a footbridge into the Piesendorf region. This running route heads in an easterly direction towards Zell am See/Schüttdort, but at Fürth turns south back to Kaprun.

This route in Kaprun's surrounding area features no strenuous climbs either. However it is over ten kilometres, so some fitness, at least, is required.

Klammsee Summer

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