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Pros at work at our Kaprun location

There's no art to getting ski equipment ready for the piste. But getting the maximum performance out of that equipment definitely is. That's why, here at INTERSPORT Bründl, we have assembled a team that guarantees the ultimate racing service for your skis and boots – that will let you shine out on the slopes. The three pillars of this team combine many years of experience both at home and abroad, including a Ski World Cup resume, a background in ski instruction, and expertise that comes from working in specialty stores:

  • Manfred Rogetzer (service manager)
  • Hans Hofer (skis)
  • Fabian Stiepel (ski boots)

Ski Service from a World Champion

Each member of our racing-service team contributes his know-how to meeting the needs and wishes of every skier, guaranteeing individualized, perfect ski service.

Former professional ski racer and World Champion Hans Hofer dedicates himself personally to finding the perfect match between equipment, athlete and piste. Aside from his time spent as an active athlete, Hans gathered experience in racing-sport development with Blizzard, as the ladies' racing manager at Fischer and at the Austrian Ski Association's competency center.

His counterpart in ski-boot service is highly experienced Fabian Stiepel.

Bründl racing service can be felt out on the piste.
Manfred Rogetzer
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The perfect ski boot isn't by chance

Fabian Stiepel worked in the States and Germany, and provided the World Cup circuit with perfectly fitted boots for four years. Every model,  every fitting technique is well-known to this boot fitter. As a coach and ski instructor, he is also very familiar with the "other side" of the experience as well. Pleasant fit and optimal power transmission don't happen by accident, which is something that this highly-trained sales expert sees to and guarantees.

Ski service for real racers

The trio is complemented by Manfred "Manni" Rogetzer, who has been with INTERSPORT Bründl for 26 years. As the No. 1 point of contact and service manager, all aspects of perfect racing service are brought together by his experienced hands. Manfred is the materials man, always finding the means to obtain the very best equipment.

These three unique personalities make our service something extra special - with skiers often travelling many kilometers to take advantage of it. INTERSPORT Bründl racing service is for real racers, who feel the marked difference out on the piste.

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