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Running & fitness in Kaprun

Endurance sport in alpine nature

In Kaprun, you will encounter runners practically everywhere. The unique mix of rugged mountainsides, the nearby Zeller See as well as broad meadows and forests, is almost a formal invitation to lace up your running shoes. Our shops in Kaprun will answer all of your equipment questions and will be happy to share an insider tip or two!

Foot scan by Bründl Sports

Running expertise from Bründl

No wonder, then, that we boast special expertise in this area. The most important aspect of running is, of course, having the right shoe. We have different options for finding the shoe that's right for you:

  • motionQube Terminal: This system measures your feet with a 360° foot scanner, analyzes your legs with state-of-the-art video technology and pinpoints possible areas of muscular weakness. During this process, you won't have to run a single meter. Once we have thus created a bio-mechanical profile, motionQube evaluates what would be your perfect shoe. It will also produce suggestions for personal exercises that might improve your health. You can take all of the information home with you, of course, where you can quietly study the results and make the right purchasing decisions.

Our running & fitness brands: Adidas, Deha, Nike, Puma

Aside from running & fitness products, in our team-sports department you will also find football and tennis gear along with sports bags and Crocs.

Marathon runner during training

Running trails in and around Kaprun

At the start of your vacation in Kaprun, we recommend following the Tauern Bike Path below Kaprun Castle as far as the Salzach river. On the other side of the river you will be able to see the Zell am See golf course. The trail now takes you west along the banks of the Salzach, until it branches off to the south and returns you to Kaprun. This run is around five kilometers long with no climbs of note, also making it ideal for less experienced runners.

Running from Kaprun to Piesendorf

This run takes you in a westerly direction along the Tauern Bike Path to the banks of the Salzach. Here you continue westwards alongside the River Salzach. Now, a bridge leads you north into the village of Piesendorf. You will now run east in the direction of Zell am See/Schüttdorf, turning south near Fürth and returning to Kaprun.

This tour close to Kaprun also has very few ups-and-downs. That said, it is more than ten kilometers long, which means it does require a decent level of physical conditioning.

Hilly running trails near Kaprun

If you love climbs, Kaprun offers you so many choices. Numerous forestry roads lead up into the surrounding mountains. Of course, good conditioning is extremely important - the hills will quickly raise your pulse rate higher than you imagined. One trail with particularly beautiful scenery takes you along the Klammweg and through forest to the Kapruner Ache. Naturally, there are plenty of other trails you can discover on your own. Kaprun is full of wonderful surprises for runners!