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Mountain biking in Zillertal

If you want to explore Zillertal by bike, you need a lot of time - and the right equipment! That's because Mayrhofen is surrounded by a unique area with bike paths, restaurants and a bike infrastructure that has many surprises in store for you.

No matter how you plan your mountain bike trip: the mountain panorama and regional delicacies will accompany you along every trail through Zillertal. Where else do enjoyment and mountain biking come together so perfectly!

two biker are riding alongside a mountain lake, wherein the mountains are mirrored.

For demanding cyclists

In addition to the relaxing routes through alpine pastures, forests and meadows, there is another "wild" side of Mayrhofen waiting to be discovered.

Demanding downhill runs, tough climbs or endurance tours: anyone who cycles for exercise will find plenty of opportunity to let off steam here. Due to the alpine environment, passionate cyclists get their money's worth here and find perfect training conditions that allow them to develop their skills.

two bikers are making a break while on a mountain tour

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