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Running is unique. Just about anyone can enjoy the world's simplest sport. Neither time nor place put any limits on you. The more intensively you get involved with the sport, the more it reveals its exciting secrets. That's one reason why our Bründl team in Mayrhofen consists of many active runners, each of whom can provide you with expert advice.

The combination of technology, experience and know-how guarantees that you will leave our shops in Mayrhofen with the perfect gear. And if you are ever not completely satisfied, we will be happy to exchange the item without a problem!

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Easy to intermediate runs in Mayrhofen

One of our easier trails is the Night Run Hippach. Thanks to a responsive floodlighting system, it can also be used in the evening after sunset. Especially at the height of summer, this is really practical since it lets you run in cooler temperatures. About eight kilometres long with no climbs to speak of, this path takes you from Hippach to Mayrhofen and back. It is also recommended for beginners.

You will also find an intermediate trail near Mayrhofen without any major ups or downs: the River Run Hippach. Extended sections of this trail take you along the Ziller Promenade. This run also takes you towards Mayrhofen, returning on the other side of the river back to your original starting point.

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Challenging running routes in Mayrhofen

If you decide to take on the Harakiri Hill, you will begin in Mayrhofen town center at 640m above sea level. What follows is only for experienced cross-country runners. You will make a climb through steep alpine terrain until you finally reach the top station of the Penkenbahn lift at 1,775 meters. This means, on this 11km running trail, you will have to overcome a gain of some 1,170 meters.

Every year in the summertime, a running competition is held on the Harakiri Hill, with the best hill- and cross-country runners in the Alps take part in this exciting event.

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