City trails in Salzburg

Für jeden das Richtige dabei

Mountain biking and sightseeing: in Salzburg numerous visual attractions blend seamlessly with cycling. A trip passing landmarks or the city's own mountain (Gaisberg) allows holidaymakers and locals to get to know the sport of mountain biking from other perspectives.

But the numerous green spaces within the city are also a highlight for cyclists. Many paths originate in Salzburg and lead into the surrounding foothills of the Alps.

two biker are looking at the fortress (Festung Hohensalzburg)

Biking in Salzburg

Alles direkt vor der Stadt

If you want to completely immerse yourself in nature, you only need to pass through the city gates. The cycling region of SalzburgerLand-Salzkammergut opens up lots of special milestones and even more unforgettable paths, climbs and descents.

Highlights of mountain biking in Salzburg are the routes to the lakes or the tough excursions into the alpine mountain world. At Bründl Sports Designer Outlet you will find everything you need!

two bikers are crossing grasslands in the mountains

What else can you experience in Salzburg?

Salzburg, in the heart of the foothills of the alps and surrounded by numerous lakes, promises not only unique experience at the intersection of city and nature, but also offers numerous sports opportunities. With several of the most popular ski resorts directly in it's vicinity, Salzburg is not only a great travel destination in winter - even in summer there are lots of sports to experience here.