The new GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Products Range

Tested for multifaceted comfort

Highly functional, non-waterproof technologies that offer you an upgrade in comfort and protection.

Lightweight jackets that keep out every wind. Perfect-fitting, warm gloves that you never have to take off because your hands get overheated. Whether you are setting out on a challenging hike or biking 10 km to and from work: Our high-function technologies improve your performance, if waterproof protection isn’t vital. Now you can dare to do more and say “yes” more often. People have been trusting the waterproof protection of original GORE-TEX products for decades. The new GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ product program opens up whole new possibilities for added comfort and protection in dryer weather conditions.

Two men in outdoor clothing, one in a waterproof Gore-Tex jacket, one in a non-waterproof Gore-Tex Infinium jacket.

The GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ products have the following benefits:

Wind chill can drop your body temperatures fast and cause discomfort. Our windproof technologies block all wind.

Sweat vapor can escape through billions of pores in the protective membrane, keeping you comfortable even during a busy day.

Unique water repellency
Jackets with unique water repellency have the GORE® membrane as outer surface, which means light rain beads up and runs off.

Some GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ jackets are insulated, so you can stay out there doing what you love for longer.

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GORE-TEX - the Ingredient Brand

GORE-TEX is a so called ingredient brand. The high-performance "product technologies" can be found in jackets, pants, footwear, gloves and much more. GORE-TEX partners with the world's best outdoor, athletic and lifestyle brands to create high-performance products that upgrade your comfort and protection. You want to learn more about GORE-TEX and stay up to date? Check out their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram:

Zwei Paare beim Wandern, das eine Paar trägt wasserdichte Gore-Tex Bekleidung, das andere nicht-wasserdichte Gore-Tex Infinium Kleidung.


It is perfectly natural for clothing to absorb an unpleasant odor of perspiration during sports. Therefore, the main task is to repel dirt and weather influences (wind, water), as well as to provide a second skin that protects, breathes and is comfortable. To begin with, it is important that the sportswear is not thrown into the dirty laundry basket immediately after the activity, but is first aired out and dried. Otherwise it can happen that bacteria and odors eat into the material and can still be smelled after washing. Then the laundry is ready for the washing machine. First you have to make sure if the sportswear is made of synthetic fiber or, especially now in the colder season, of merino or cotton. To do this, take a look at the care label to avoid the first mistakes. Regardless of the product, always close all zippers beforehand and wash inside out (turn garments inside out) to protect prints and material. Finally, it is important to separate the clothes and wash them separately depending on the material (see below in the text).

How do I care for and wash Gore-Tex outerwear?


Close all zippers before washing
Wash at 40° with only a small amount of liquid detergent - NO powder, NO fabric softener, NO stain removers or bleach
Spin as little or on low as possible (e.g. use gentle cycle) and rinse twice

Either allow to air dry or tumble dry at a warm temperature (not too high) and low speed
After drying, put the garment in the dryer for another 20 minutes or iron at low temperature (without steam) - this way the DWR impregnation can be refreshed
When ironing, place a towel or cloth between the garment and the iron to protect it.
You can wash your clothes as often as you think necessary.

In any case, please follow the manufacturer's care instructions. You can usually find them on the sewn-in label!

Renew impregnation:

When water no longer beads off the surface after washing, the durable water repellent (DWR) impregnation must be renewed. To do this, you can use a spray-on or wash-in DWR waterproofing agent.

  • After applying the waterproofing agent, put the garment in the dryer for 20 minutes.
  • If you do not have a dryer, you can iron the dry garment at a low temperature (without steam).
  • When ironing, please place a towel or cloth between the garment and the iron to protect it.

In any case, please follow the manufacturer's care instructions. You can usually find them on the sewn-in label! Gore-Tex products with a permanently water repellent surface, such as Gore-Tex Shakedry garments, must not be treated with a DWR impregnation.

How do I care for my Gore-Tex shoes?


  • Remove shoe laces & shake sand, gravel and other coarse dirt out of the shoes (if possible, also remove the insole).
  • External dirt can be removed with a brush or sponge, warm water and a little liquid detergent.
  • DO NOT wash in the washing machine


  • Air dry shoes at medium temperatures, avoiding direct heat and sunlight.

Renew impregnation:

  • When water no longer beads off the surface, the durable water repellent (DWR) impregnation must be renewed.
  • Use a water-based pump spray impregnation agent and spray the shoes with it.
  • DO NOT use waterproofing wash or grease, this can affect the breathability of the shoes.

Please pay attention (especially with leather shoes) to the care instructions of the manufacturer!

Cleaning Gore-Tex shoes


Synthetic fibers (polyamide, polyester, spandex):

Here it is recommended to wash after almost every sports unit, depends of course on the intensity and external factors, as odors and sweat are absorbed more. In the washing machine, use the gentle cycle with low temperature (up to 40 ° C) and spin speed (about 800 revolutions). Use as little detergent as possible, optionally a separate detergent for sports fibers, and under no circumstances add a fabric softener (gums up the fiber and destroys its ability to breathe). Very well suited for this is the textile wash agent from Holmenkol, which you can of course also buy in our stores.


Merino wool:

Merino wool is particularly light, has an antibacterial effect and is also self-cleaning. Therefore, it is not absolutely necessary to wash the clothing after each sports unit, simply air it out and it serves its purpose. After several activities, however, the washing machine screams. It is important to choose a delicate or wool wash cycle with a short spin cycle to avoid damaging the material (20°C - 30°C). If you wash by hand, avoid wringing, rubbing and kneading, which destroys the fiber. Outdoor clothing with cashmere, mohair, angora and alpaca is also handled in this way.

Holmenkol care products for your sportswear.

Our Products

Our recommendation for the perfect care of your sportswear

Outdoor clothing

Here you pay attention to the material and the facts described above. In addition, regular impregnation should not be forgotten. It guarantees new protection for external weather conditions and keeps you warm in the cold season. Especially well-stowed winter clothing, which will soon be used again, should be maintained with it. After all, the raindrops should roll off nicely! An impregnation spray, for example the Textile Proof from Holmenkol, is applied to the outside of the clothing (wet or dry) and then put in the dryer to activate the protection by the heat.


After the complete wash cycle, sportswear should be hung in the fresh air and not additionally put in the dryer (except impregnation). It is more gentle for the material and increases the service life.


If you are still unsure or something has broken during your wash or sports session, then our repair service is the right place for you. In the new flagship store, in a separate department (2nd floor), a house tailor will personally take care of your concerns and help you with valuable tips and tricks. On top of that, defective garments are repaired and the product life cycle is extended. Renew instead of throwing away and make a small contribution to the environment!