I can still remember clearly when I received the message from Bründl that I had actually won the prize drawing for the Grossglockner Ultra-Trail. I could hardly believe it – what a cool opportunity and major challenge!
Anna Niederklapfer

The Preparation

by Anna Niederklapfer

I began training on the very first day. I had a vague idea of how to prepare, but I lacked a lot of self-confidence. That’s why I turned to a coach. Multiple interval-training sessions and what seemed like countless basic workouts later, and I managed to complete a major run covering 2000 vertical meters and roughly 40 km. The self-confidence was there. But 2 days after that run, I felt a pain in my right groin. When the pain didn’t get any less after days and weeks, and I had to ditch my entire training program, I went to a doctor: a strained muscle insertion. I was lucky. On the very next day, I had a very good physiotherapist at my side. Slowly, I grew optimistic again.
Barely 2 weeks before the actual GGUT and I had my first pain-free run. When everything appeared to be stable even running downhill, one thing was clear: I was heading for the GGUT, not with the perfect preparation I had planned, but I was going nonetheless.

GGUT = Grossglockner Ultra-Trail

Annah while trining for the GGUT.

The Day of the Race

by Anna Niederklapfer

On race day, I was excited to wear the DNA outfit from Dynafit. It made me feel like a seasoned professional. At the starting line, I was looser than the days previously. Right after the start, we had to tackle a very steep 280-meter gain. After that, it became slightly more technical, but the countryside was even more beautiful. The first downhill stage was waiting for me at the Rudolfshütte. It was amazing and gave me lots of energy for the 2nd major climb up to the Kapruner Törl. Arriving at the Kapruner Törl, I was treated to an equally beautiful landscape on the far side of the alpine saddle. The first meters heading back downhill were rocky and difficult. But after that, we were rewarded with beautiful trails. But it took a while to reach the next refreshment station and I ran out of water. It got hotter and hotter. That said, the DNA outfit from Dynafit was perfect for the situation. It is very lightweight and feels really soft on your skin. At the same time, the Dynafit Feline SL shoe was perfect for the dirt trails. And it gave my foot great traction on rocky terrain.
When I finally arrived at the 2nd refreshment station at the Mooserboden, refilled my flasks and treated myself to a slice of watermelon, I was full of energy again. In my head at least, it felt like the finish line was ‘just around the corner’. But that’s when those stupid little aches and pains began to kick in, probably due to the lack of distance training – starting with a cramp in my calf, followed by pain in my feet. The final kilometers cost me a huge amount of time. But the energy surge I had approaching the finish area was so enormous, that I found another gear and I even managed a jump for joy across the finish line.
And one thing I know for sure: my first trail-running event will definitely not be my last! See you next year! :)

Anna while running the race.

The Day of the Race

by Thomas Reindl

After the start at the Enzingerboden in Weisssee Gletscherwelt, the trail runners made their way via the Rudolfshütte to the Kalser Tauern (elev. 2515 m), followed by a long, technically challenging downhill through Dorfertal to Kals am Grossglockner.
From Kals, we again headed uphill in the direction of the Lucknerhaus, though we were denied a view of the “Top of Austria”, the Grossglockner (3798m) since it was enveloped in clouds.
The race continued to the Glorerhütte, which is where I really noticed the altitude in my legs for the first time. Having summited, we began a technically challenging downhill stage taking us across the Margaritze dam, followed by a climb via the Glocknerhaus, finally crossing a snowfield which brought us to the Untere Pfandlscharte (2663 m). 
Concentration was once again required for the descent across snowfields to Ferleiten, before commencing the final ascent in Fusch, then dropping all the way down to Kaprun, running through the center of town and crossing the finish line at the Maiskogel car park.
For the full distance of 81 km, including 4363 meters in gains and 5000 meters in descents, I needed 13:42h.
I am very happy with my performance in the race, especially since I had never run that kind of distance before.

Beautiful view from the Mountain.

Bottom Line

about the Grossglockner Ultra-Trail

A really amazing, perfectly organized event that I absolutely recommend to anyone who is looking for new adventures.
A big thank-you to Bründl Sports & Dynafit, for the great prize contest, for the starting slot and for the gear!

Thomas while racing infront of a hut.

The Outfit

from Dynafit

The gear from Dynafit was perfect for my weeks of preparation: a highly functional set-up for trail runners.
The DNA collection is ultra-lightweight, technically sound and reduced to the essentials.
Pants, shirt and vest were super, dried quickly, pleasant on the skin. Great, just what you need in the mountains.
As for shoes, I have to admit that, as far as running shoes are concerned, I am once bitten, twice shy. One time in the past, when I switched my shoes and the make of shoe, I suffered an injury to my Achilles tendon and it took me a long time to find the right running shoe again for my feet and my running style. Because I feel really comfortable with my current choice of shoe, I didn’t want to take any risks entering the Grossglockner Ultra-Trail. The model from Dynafit wouldn’t have been my first choice for this distance since, due to my stature, I am definitely not a lightweight like so many of the other quick mountain runners. I prefer a shoe that provides the shock absorption I need for downhill stages.
The Dynafit Feline SL would be a great hiking shoe for me, but as for running, in my opinion it doesn’t quite match me and my running style.

Thomas in the new Dynafit collection.