Salome Rattensberger, Deputy Mayor of Zell am See and Director of the Zell am See Vocational School took part in the discussion along with a class from the vocational school. The students, all of whom are apprenticing in the banking sector, prepared thoroughly for the event in advance. “Our students are very interested in the topic of sustainability and see great potential in the field of Green Finance at the companies where they work. In advance of today’s talk, our students launched a Mystery Shopping project, within the scope of which they asked at their own and other banking institutions specifically about Green Finance  offers. The results were extremely varied and I am very pleased that these young people will now have an opportunity to report about their impressions and results in this discussion.” 

Both within the ranks of the students at the vocational school  as well as the apprentices at Bründl Sports, the circumstances with respect to mobility are very varied. Some students live and work in Salzburg City, others in rural areas, having to commute daily from the Upper Pinzgau to the county seat, Zell am See. The individual situations and varying forms of public transportation available in  the city and country stimulated an energetic discussion on the topic of mobility and use of public transport. For Stephan Obenaus, MoFu project partner of the IONICA Mobility association and initiator of the MoFu panel discussion, it is very clear: “Events such as these bring out the immense potential for broad-based discussions on themes including sustainability, mobility etc. The young generation is precisely the megaphone we need to implement a change of consciousness in the heads of everyone. I am so pleased we were able to organize this panel discussion together with Bründl Sports and the vocational school in Zell am See. I am thrilled by the motivation and energy of all who participated.”

Students during a talk about sustainability

Step-by-step behavior changes in the direction of sustainable mobility give us precisely those advantages we need in times when failure to change is becoming increasingly painful – just see what is happening with fuel and energy prices. Salome Rattensberger has been setting a good example for several years. “I sold my car years ago, since when I have tried to live my daily life without resorting to a car. Of course, here in the country there are situations where that becomes complicated, but for the most part, the positives far outweigh the negatives. I am in the fortunate situation that most of my work routine involves the immediate region, which means I don’t have to rely on commuting. The greatest advantage of that, is the substantial savings by the end of the year. Something that I am especially aware of now, whenever I pass a petrol station and look at the fuel prices.”

This panel discussion showed that there are indeed well-known companies that are already implementing various measures with respect to sustainability, climate protection and resource conservation. What became clearest of all, was just how much potential we have to question our behaviors and change them. You become keenly aware of the positive, beautiful future we can all strive to preserve, whenever you are fortunate to work with the very generation that will be most affected by that future. It is definitely worth taking the future firmly by the reins!


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