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Trail Running

For the “fastest own and known times”

There are countless reasons to go running. Many people run to see how they measure up against others, while others simply enjoy the tempo. The adidas TERREX collection, consisting of trail-running shoes and apparel, was developed for “fastest known and own times”. Whether you are focused on breaking records, or simply breaking free.

Trail running is more than just a sport – it’s a way of life, a specific lifestyle with various mindsets. The products feature modern production technology and were developed with the help of extensive feedback from consumers and athletes, such as adidas TERREX athlete Tom Evans. The collection makes it possible for all runners to move swiftly along all paths they may encounter.

With this collection, whose products stand for more performance, endurance and comfort, adidas TERREX invites all runners this season to achieve their “fastest known” or “fastest own” times.

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End Plastic Waste


Today, plastic. Tomorrow, a problem. Adidas is continuously working to reduce its ecological footprint. Which is why, as of 2024, Adidas intends to only use recycled polyester in its products. Here, it’s not solely about sport. It’s about our future.

What does adidas do against plastic?

adidas is firmly convinced that brands can use their influence to do something positive for the environment.

Through creativity and an innovative spirit, adidas has found ways to reduce its ecological footprint and transform plastic waste into worthwhile, high-quality products. Together with the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans, adidas has developed opportunities to utilize plastic waste from the oceans as a raw material and was proud to present its first shoe concept to the United Nations in 2015. The uppers consisted of threads and fibers that were manufactured from recycled plastic waste from the oceans and illegally used deep-sea fishing nets. Since then, adidas has been able to use plastic waste collected on islands, beaches and in coastal areas to produce clothing and shoe models. The plastic is collected by Parley and its Global Cleanup Network, then cleaned and turned into thread, subsequently used to manufacture shoes, functional apparel and other clothing items. Since the first generation of adidas x Parley products in 2016, adidas had produced over 5 million pairs of shoes from plastic waste out of the world’s oceans. By 2019, that number had risen to 11 million pairs. This equates to 2810 tons of plastic waste that is no longer polluting the oceans.

As a company, adidas wants to achieve a plastic-free future. adidas is exploring new materials that might replace plastics and has set itself the goal of replacing newly produced polyester completely through alternatives (where available) by 2024.


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