transtex RETR'X

Recycled fibres for performance with responsibility

The new transtex® RETR`X functional underwear by LÖFFLER is sustainable, and doubly so: for the first time, Löffler uses a material combination of recycled polypropylene and cotton fibres, which consists of 25% recycled cotton and 75% GOTS-certified organic cotton. The cotton not only ensures soft wearing comfort - no bleaching or dyeing agents are used in its production, resulting in enormous water savings.

But that's not all: the RETR`X shirts are also the first Oeko-Tex Made in Green certified products from the Austrian sportswear manufacturer. The label guarantees environmentally friendly and fair production, pollutant-free materials and a transparent supply chain through traceability via QR code.

How transtex® works

The secret of transtex®'s success is the synthetic fibre polypropylene. The unique knitting technology enables the necessary capillary effect to transport sweat away from the skin. Its highly functional properties make it the optimal basis for endurance sports. Polypropylene is one of the lightest fibres and does not absorb liquid itself, but passes it on quickly. All transtex® RETR'X products are produced regionally at the company's headquarters in Austria. This means that transtex® not only supports your personal performance, you can also rely on the fact that the products are manufactured to the highest standards and responsibly.

Repair service

In addition to producing high-quality and durable clothing, Löffler also offers an in-house repair service for sports clothing. With this repair service you can send in your Löffler products and have them repaired in no time. For all those who don't want to throw away their textiles immediately when they are damaged, but want to use them as long as possible.

Find out how it works here.

Acting regionally responsibly

That is the basic philosophy at LÖFFLER. "What we make, but above all how we make it, is of crucial importance. Every piece that leaves our house is a promise to you and to our planet." The answer to global challenges? Local action. Together we can make a difference and shape a livable world for future generations. You can read about all of LÖFFLER's sustainability goals and efforts in the sustainability report.


Read the sustainability report here.

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