Scratching is a thing of the past

The unique, patented hotBOND® technology uses ultrasound to spot weld highly elastic materials into ultra-flat joints.

With hotBOND® technology, highly elastic materials are ultrasonically welded. For trousers and jerseys, this means no seams to pinch or rub. The needle and thread-free joints are extremely tear-resistant, as elastic as the material itself and ultra-flat. Maximum freedom of movement without restrictions, pressure points or chafing are the benefits of the exclusive hotBOND® technology. The hotBOND® collection is produced exclusively at the company's site in Ried im Innkreis, Austria.

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The high-performance jersey for demanding female cyclists.

Expertentipp Löffler Shorts

Unsere Expertin Caro aus Saalfelden stellt die neue Löffler Shorts vor. Löffler bietet dies bei ihrer Bikebekleidung mit der einzigartigen, patentierten hotBOND®️-Technologie an. Dabei werden hochelastische Materialien mittels Ultraschall punktuell verschweißt. 

hotBOND® reflective

An evolution of the popular hotBOND® technology

Reflective dots on ultra-flat, elasticated welded seams for perfect fit cycling and running apparel.

With proven hotBOND® reflective technology, the ultrasonic joints reflect when illuminated. This means there are no seams to pinch or chafe, and they can't be missed! The reflective dots only show their full effect under a beam of light, otherwise they are very discreet. hotBOND® reflective products are also produced exclusively at the company's headquarters in Ried im Innkreis (Upper Austria).

Repair service

In addition to producing high-quality and durable clothing, Löffler also offers an in-house repair service for sports clothing. With this repair service you can send in your Löffler products and have them repaired in no time. For all those who don't want to throw away their textiles immediately when they are damaged, but want to use them as long as possible.

Find out how it works here.

Acting regionally responsibly

That is the basic philosophy at LÖFFLER. "What we make, but above all how we make it, is of crucial importance. Every piece that leaves our house is a promise to you and to our planet." The answer to global challenges? Local action. Together we can make a difference and shape a livable world for future generations. You can read about all of LÖFFLER's sustainability goals and efforts in the sustainability report.

Read the sustainability report here.

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