In the 1970s, the widely affordable M-series with an automatic heel release revolutionized the bindings market. Aside from hobby skiers, it was above all skiing professionals such as

Franz Klammer, Phil Mahre and Ingemar Stenmark who placed their trust at that time in Marker bindings. 1983 would become the stuff of legend: In this Alpine World Cup year, eight of a total of ten World Cup titles were won on Marker bindings and Marker athletes rode to 35 victories. The era of success continued thanks to athletes such as Alexandra Meissnitzer, Niki Hosp, Manni Pranger and many more – and no less a figure than Marcel Hirscher would also score most of his World Cup successes with original Marker bindings and plates.

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Marker conquers the freeride and touring worlds

In 2007, Marker brought out the first genuine freeride binding, the Duke. This model marked a milestone in the freeride market. With its introduction of other models (Baron, Jester, Griffon and Squire), Marker in essence presented its “Royal Family”. In doing so, the brand has conquered the free-ski market since 2007 – from Big Mountain to Halfpipe and Park – continually setting new standards in the freeride and freestyle segment.

Three years later, in 2010, Marker presented the first touring bindings and, with the Alpinist, which this year offers even greater comfort thanks to the new ISI toe piece, conquered the ski-touring market.

New: ISI stands “Intuitive Step In"

ISI stands for “Intuitive Step In” – which describes the main advantage of the new toe bumper: In the new model, the distance between the parts and the locking point of the pins has been shortened. This change in geometry allows the tec inserts in the toe area of the boot to snap into the pins with significantly less effort. In order to position the boot better and more intuitively whilst stepping in, Marker has installed a new rubber stopper at the front of the mount. In combination with a wider step-down zone allowing for easier pressure application, the tec inserts and pins can be aligned perfectly, and the snap-/lock-in effect requires minimal effort.

All Kingpin models (Kingpin M-Werks 12, Kingpin 13 and 10) as well as all Alpinist touring bindings by Marker are equipped with the new ISI toe piece.

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