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A person going ski touring.

Völkl Ski

The piste. As different in form and condition as the piste can be – steep and grippy, fierce and icy, flawlessly smooth and soft, and everything in between – so, too, are skiers, their abilities, their preferences and styles. And yet they all have one goal in common – having maximum fun on the piste!

Narrower skis are better suited for quick, radical turns on a hard piste. Wider skis allow a creative, playful style in softer conditions. On gentler, more forgiving skis, beginners, in particular, feel way more comfortable – with rapid progress guaranteed. No matter where you prefer to ski and what the current conditions happen to be, thanks to the Deacon and Racetiger lines, Bründl Sports is certain to have the ski that’s perfect for you. And if you are looking for something really special, look no farther than the Deacon V-Werk!

The Völkl Racetiger Ski.