Electrified Protection

The new airbag system for avalanche backpacks from ORTOVOX sets new standards. LiTRIC works electronically, is lightweight, intuitive, reliable, sustainable, flexible and is 100% produced in Bavaria. The AVABAG LiTRIC series by ORTOVOX includes specific TOURING and FRERIDE models that can be combined modularly with the LiTRIC BASE in the ZIP ON system.

The USPs at a glance:


The system is charged via USB-C in approx. 25 minutes and enables numerous test releases. No cartridges means: more space, no weighing, no cartridge disposal.


At just approx. 1,100 g, LiTRIC is one of the lightest airbag systems on the market.


The LiTRIC AVABAGS are extremely easy to use: The LED display shows the charging status of the system; the ergonomically adjustable deployment handle protects against false activations with a simple 180° turn; the 150 l airbag is made of a two-layer material that can be easily stuffed into the airbag pocket; and the new closure system prevents burst airbag pockets, no matter how full the backpack is packed.


One charge allows at least two releases. The operating time in ON mode is approx. 60 h (30 days in OFF mode), enabling multi-day tours without recharging.

The combination of super capacitors and an extremely cold-resistant, 25 g light lithium-ion battery guarantees safe operation. The high-performance blower fills the airbag within 4 seconds.


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Sustainable products from Ortovox

ORTOVOX has been all about wool in clothing since 1988, with a focus on protecting both people and animals. That's why, after more than two years of discussions with wool farmers, suppliers, and producers, ORTOVOX has launched its own wool standard called the ORTOVOX WOOL PROMISE (OWP). Based on the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), the OWP standard takes an even more comprehensive approach. The core of OWP is four promises: our farms avoid the painful practice of mulesing whilst paying particular attention to animal welfare. Additionally, we prioritize personal relationships with farmers, ensure transparency to the source, and promote sustainable agriculture.

wool with the logo of Ortovox Wool Promise

B-Green Label

For brands & suppliers

Here at Bründl Sports, we want you to shop with a clear conscience. Sustainability is a big deal for us, also when it comes to choosing our partners and suppliers. Our goal is to get all our partners and suppliers to sign and meet all commitments in our Supplier Obligation Booklet.

Brands & suppliers that go above and beyond in their dedication to sustainability are awarded our B-Green Label.

The basis for achieving our benchmark includes widely recognized industrial labels and certifications, such as Fair Wear, Fairtrade and GOTS. The willingness to sign our Supplier Obligation Booklet is a requirement for award of the B-Green Label.

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