Yvonne Koch comes from Austria, lives on the Arlberg and has been a mountain guide since 2017. "Whether I go alone into the mountains or accompany someone as a guide: my goals are the same. Of course, the terrain can change, the route, the conditions ... but my goal remains one and the same: to create a beautiful experience, for me and for those I accompany."

In the city, we create our own habitat, and in that habitat we are the center of attention. In the mountains, on the other hand, we are guests in an often inhospitable landscape and we have to adapt to the rules of the game that prevail there."

What mountain are you dreaming of? Is it a climb, an ambitious peak or a high altitude adventure that you have not yet been able to experience? What was missing to make your dream come true? An experienced mountain guide? The equipment? Sufficient stamina and courage? Well - Salewa has a suggestion: If you can provide the latter two, we will take care of the professional accompaniment and the necessary equipment.

Two mountain climbers on the summit

What is there to win? 

You and a companion of your choice can win "A day in a mountain guides life". This includes for you and your companion a 1-day tour at a place/summit of your choice in the European alpine region with a mountain guide. 


You decide where to go. Whether Großglockner, Zugspitze or the Dolomites - you have the choice and can select your tour in the Alpine region. 


The tour is planned for summer/autumn 2022. 

Two climbers on their way to the summit

Win a mountain guide day with Salewa

Win a guided mountain tour with a Salewa mountain guide in the European Alps for you and a companion. Where to go? You decide! 

The competition is active from 16.05. - 23.05.2022. 

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