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Speed Hiking

"Speed ​​hiking" simply means moving faster than in classic hiking, but always pursuing your own pace and individual goals; without time pressure, without stress. Salewa offers the newly launched Pedroc Speed ​​Hiking collection for precisely this purpose, designed for tours where breathability and lightness are important. Here you can find out what makes speed hiking so special, how to get started and what equipment you need.

The right equipment is the most important thing

If you want to go speed hiking, you need the right equipment. So what do you have to consider? The choice of your equipment is not extensive, but you should choose each part optimally. Salewa discovered speed hiking very early on and created a line with Pedroc that is designed to meet the needs of speed hikers and in particular to breathability, lightness and durability. When developing the products, Salewa relies on the experiences, ideas and demands of the Salewa athletes in order to provide you with an ideal set-up

To make it easier for you, there are a few basic rules of thumb that you can follow when choosing your equipment: A pair of hiking poles are an absolute must-have for every speed hiker. By distributing the weight on technical terrain, they provide more stability, make you faster uphill and protect your joints on the descent. Also, be sure to get a quality pair of speed hiking shoes. A model with a light design, a non-slip profile for a secure hold and high breathability is best suited. In addition to good shoes, a backpack is part of your basic equipment, and the following applies: the more compact, the better. Choose a backpack that fits comfortably and has good ventilation in the back and shoulders. The Salewa Pedroc Pro 22L is an ideal choice here. Versatile, lightweight layers that protect you from bad weather but are still breathable are also very important. The Salewa Pedroc PTX 2.5L M Light jacket, for example, is a perfect all-rounder for this.

B-Green Label

For brands & suppliers

Here at Bründl Sports, we want you to shop with a clear conscience. Sustainability is a big deal for us, also when it comes to choosing our partners and suppliers. Our goal is to get all our partners and suppliers to sign and meet all commitments in our Supplier Obligation Booklet.

Brands & suppliers that go above and beyond in their dedication to sustainability are awarded our B-Green Label.

The basis for achieving our benchmark includes widely recognized industrial labels and certifications, such as Fair Wear, Fairtrade and GOTS. The willingness to sign our Supplier Obligation Booklet is a requirement for award of the B-Green Label.

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