Hemp impresses first and foremost with its natural properties - its comfort, good thermoregulation and environmental balance. Compared to cotton, hemp is more durable and breathable, it insulates better, withstands both heat and UV radiation better and has an antibacterial effect. In addition, hemp fibre can absorb up to 30% moisture and feels pleasantly dry.


Hemp is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and high-performance natural fibre.


Exceptionally soft and breathable, with light, airy fibres that feel pleasant against the skin and do not become electrostatically charged.


Industrial hemp has a high tensile strength and is one of the most durable fibres in the world.


Hemp regulates body temperature and improves well-being.


With its advanced design and outer material made from Alpine Hemp and Sorona®, the Puez Hemp Durastretch 2-in-1 jacket is a natural softshell jacket that offers you comfort on your trekking tours in varying terrain and weather conditions - and also blends in well in an urban environment.

Alpine Hemp is an intelligent fabric, innovative and natural. The core idea can basically be described as follows: A good textile should support the function of our skin.
Christine Ladstaetter
Innovation & Special Projects Manager, Salewa


Hemp is the oldest textile fibre of all - and it has excellent prospects for the future.

Hemp cultivation has a long tradition in the Alps. In the past, Italy was the largest producer of high-quality hemp fibres. After economic restrictions due to political decisions in favour of other fibres, this branch of industry disappeared. After the 1960s, much of the expertise and machinery was transferred to China.

We have made a long-term commitment to support the Alpine economy and the utilisation of natural resources. We raise awareness of hemp cultivation in the Alpine region and the potential of this versatile plant.

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