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From head to toe, with our wide range of footwear, apparel and equipment you are
ready for all your Trail Running adventures. This season you will find the perfect shoe as your running partner in Salomons wide range. These shoes are not only made for walki ng, they also should protect and support you in all types of terrain, from mud over rocks to roots and even snow, so you can just concentrate to get your goals.


Climb higher, venture further, discover more: with protective and dynamic hiking boots, backpacks and equipment from Salomon. Nimble on the hiking trails and always comfortable, Salomon hiking shoes and boots are the perfect choice for your next adventure. Our hiking boots offer optimal grip, weather protection, stability, cushioning and more. Taking care of obstacles and distances so you can enjoy trails, views and experiences.


The right gear for the right distance. Salomon’s hydration for trails collection offer tailored water bottles, packs, belts, filters, flasks, and reservoirs to fit different running distances. Long distance trail running and races require more room for essentials and streamlined storage for water than a  daily short trail run. Our collection help you choose the perfect trail running pack plus water bottles and flasks to suit the various distances you’ll cover. Made to feel friction free, streamlined, and organized for easy access to your essentials, these distance specific running packs and flasks keep you moving fast and light, mile after mile .

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