The Bründl +Card is your exclusive customer card from Bründl Sports and is accepted at all of our shops. With your Bründl +Card, you are able to enjoy a whole array of attractive benefits .

The many benefits of our Bründl +Card can be read right here .

Yes, the Bründl+ Card is available to you completely free of charge.

Everyone ages 14 and up can go ahead and apply for the Bründl+ Card.

The Bründl +Card is easy to obtain at any of our shops, there is no obligation and it is completely free of charge.

In general, you don’t need to carry your Bründl +Card with you all the time. We can also find you in our system using your personal data, meaning you can always take advantage of your card benefits. However, if you ever wish to obtain a new card, you are welcome to have an employee issue you one the next time you visit one of our branches.

In order to cancel your Bründl +Card, please send an email with your personal information, ideally including the Bründl +Card number, to We will then go ahead and cancel the card, and will send you a confirmation by email.

Your purchases during the current business year (from 1.9.-31.8. of the following year) can always be credited to your Bründl +Card later. To do so, simply bring your receipt to one of our shops or send your scanned receipt as well as your Bründl +Card number to Any bills from earlier business years can be added to your account later, however they can no longer be credited to the current bonus period.

Please contact us direct via or by phone, providing us with your current email address. We will take care of the changes.

For certain exclusive events, only Bründl +Card holders are entitled to participate. However, there are other events that also welcome the participation of customers without a Bründl +Card. Precise details can be found in the event information.