A gift voucher which is paid for by you may be redeemed on all products and services. Bründl Sport coupons for special offers are intended as an expression of our appreciation and provided to you free of charge, potentially subject to specific conditions and a limited time period.

Gift vouchers can be purchased either in our shops or via our website .

Bründl Sports gift vouchers are valid for 30 years.

The validity. Depends on the coupon in question. For example, our birthday coupons are valid for one year after the date of issue. The validity period, participating shops and other conditions are always printed on the coupon itself.

Our coupon booklet is sent to you once in spring and once in autumn. The coupon booklet is sent in the post to our customers in Austria, whereas customers in other countries will receive it with their newsletter.

At the end of the business year, as a reward for your purchases you will receive a bonus credit, the exact amount of which is determined by your purchases during the year. Your bonus credit is calculated over a 12-month period off purchases from 1.9.-31.8. of the following year.

A bonus credit can only be earned if you have made qualifying bonus purchases of €200 or more. If total purchases during the year in question total less than €200, they will be voided on 31.8. Your balance for the following business year as of 1.9. will then be zeroed out.

  • up to €199.99 in purchases - no bonus credit
  • €200 – €499.99 in purchases – 2.0 % bonus credit
  • €500 - €999.99 in purchases – 2.5 % bonus credit
  • from €1000 in purchases – 3.0 % bonus credit

Your bonus credit will be sent to you by email no later than 31 October for the shopping period 1.9.-31.8.. If we don’t have a valid email address for you, it will be sent to you in the post. From that point on, your bonus credit will be stored in our system and will be apparent at all of our cash registers.

Your bonus credit is valid for up to 3 years after the end of the shopping period in question and may be redeemed at all of our shops.

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