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We focus on the next 50 years.

A new orientation requires a new appearance, a logo that reflects values and heritage, and one that immediately captivates in its design. The mountain is a central and all-encompassing element for Zanier – born in the mountains, at home in the mountains, inspired by the mountains. This theme is a consistent thread running through the corporate design of the company, its products as well as all corporate communications. With a fresh new emphasis on the most important aspect of all: the customers and products.

the sketch of the zanier logo including the description of the logo

We focus on sustainability.

Sustainability is an issue close to ZANIER’s heart. Through its cooperation with CLIMATE PARTNER, ZANIER is the first glove manufacturer able to offer climate-neutral pieces. Climate-neutral means that the CO2 emissions of the company are precisely calculated and offset by means of certified climate-protection projects. ZANIER supports the project CIPRA – LIFE IN THE ALPS in Austria as well as a wind-energy project in Guyang, China.


As a traditional Tyrolean company, ZANIER is at home in the mountain world – also why it supports an Alps-based project. “CIPRA – Life in the Alps” has been committed to sustainable development in the Alpine region since 1951. 70% of their work is rooted in the Alpine Convention: an internationally binding treaty for the protection and sustainable development of the Alps. The Alpine Convention was ratified in Austria in 2002 and now comprises nine theme areas including nature and rural conservation, transit, tourism, agriculture, energy and climate. CIPRA is committed to strict implementation of this convention.


On the international level, ZANIER supports a climate-protection project in Guyan, China. It goes practically without saying that this company is especially focused on environmental protection in a place where most ZANIER products are manufactured. The population is growing continuously, as is power consumption. Currently, most electricity is generated by coal power plants that cause enormous quantities of CO2 emissions. In order to provide an eco- and climate-friendly energy supply in the long-term, a wind park was constructed in 2008, power from which has been fed into the grid since 2010. Because less energy is now needed from the power plants, the air quality and conditions of life for the population of this region are improving.

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We focus on strong partners.

ZANIER and Swarovski – both tradition-rich, strong brands from Tyrol. Aside from their heritage, both companies share high expectations with respect to quality and design. Successful collaboration with GORE-TEX as a high-performance label continues unabated. GORE-TEX gloves are enduringly windproof, waterproof and breathable. They guarantee long-lasting weather protection and comfort, balanced heat exchange and optimal moisture release – also under extreme conditions. The result: Hands stay warmer when it’s cold and dryer when they are sweating.

A Freeride Couple checking out their line for the descent

A new partner of ZANIER is SYMPATEX, a 100% waterproof, optimally breathable and windproof membrane. Most important of all: The membrane is 100% recyclable. The membrane absorbs moisture and conducts it through the clothing to the outside air, so that the body stays warm and dry even when engaged in intensive sports. The greater the activity, the more efficiently the SYMPATEX membrane works. The products equipped with this membrane also provide excellent protection against the cold and rain. SYMPATEX does everything in its power to close the ecological cycle of the textile industry. This includes high individual standards, a sense of uncompromising responsibility towards the environment as well as to future generations. Concrete measures include extending the longevity of materials, repairing products and thereby counteracting the throw-away society. Closing the textile cycle also means recycling as many raw products as possible.

We focus on our heat technology.

Whether for active winter sports on or off piste – the HEAT models by ZANIER give cold hands and painful fingers no chance. The heating technology in the gloves is based on highly developed textile heating elements, as well as a unique electronic control system that is continuously being monitored and further developed. Through a proven 3-step heating technology, the HEAT models are exceptionally easy to use: A small LED lamp in the shape of a flame and attached to the battery, which is visible through the band on the top of the glove, indicates the heat level in yellow, orange or red. A switch allows it to be adjusted to the ambient temperature and however cold the wearer feels – for several hours at a time. Thanks to a USB recharger, available for the first time in white, the battery can be recharged in the blink of an eye. The new touch function also promises easier operability of smartphones – even while wearing gloves.

A freerider at the descent


The advanced models HEAT.STX and HOT.STX unite the expertise of past collections with sustainability. The integrated ecological SYMPATEX membrane provides effective protection against cold and rain, along with excellent breathability. ALU ARMOR, a layer of aluminum on the membrane, also provides perfect heat insulation within the glove. High-quality materials such as finest goat leather and 4-way stretch also contribute to maximum comfort. Due to the integrated inner glove fingers, the HOT.STX mitten promises exceptional flexibility.

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