Franz Mühlbauer

Three sensational circumstances accompanied Franz in his younger years and continue to shape his life even today. Franz Mühlbauer, born in Styria, was able to study sports sciences in combination with medicine and psychology in Graz, due in no small measure to his parents. The second sensation for the founder of the Solemon philosophy was the collaboration with his mentor Prof. Baldur Preiml, a great life coach from whom we was privileged to learn so much. The third is his love for piloting helicopters, giving him magical moments of mental balance and flow. Ongoing further education and advanced training in fields such as Lu Jong, meditation, mindfulness as practiced by the Tibetans, respiratory psychotherapy and much more, are also landmarks on his life path. 

Franz, as I was studying up on you and your work a little bit, I immediately came across the website “”. What’s it all about, what’s the idea behind the program and how does it differ from other forms of coaching?

We are all masters of performance, but “refueling” is something we haven’t learned. Regeneration is basically the “backswing of performance” and that is something we need to relearn. Performance and increased performance without conscious regeneration is like driving a car without refueling. Sooner or later, you will find yourself standing there helpless on the side of the road. That is precisely where we begin at SOLEMON; 35 years of development and research and more than 800 facilitated seminars  have created added value for people as well as businesses. That’s also why SOLEMON is a part of the Bründl “Energy Recharging Station” for all employees.

That sounds interesting. But why, precisely, does “regeneration” play such a major role, even reflected in your own maxim, “Regeneration is my life – my passion”?

Regeneration means healing long before you become sick or burn out. Your ability to perform is as great as your ability to regenerate. Even your quality of life is directly dependent upon your physical energy. Perhaps that surprises you. Most people perform every day at a greater degree than they are ever able to reenergize. This leads to a negative energy balance, to glassy eyes in which the fire of enthusiasm has been extinguished. Regeneration is produced in the head and if it is not produced there, it is not produced anywhere. Every high culture, every life coach etc. says that change begins with awareness, because it is the mental, the awareness of quality, that ultimately drives the physical i.e. your body.

I saw that you have authored three books, the Solemon Trilogy of Regeneration. What is it about and what can the reader expect?

The SOLEMON Trilogy condenses the essence of professional regeneration, providing high-quality guidelines for young and old. Readers also frequently refer to these three paperbacks as a masterpiece of regeneration. In order to restore our energy reserves, all of us have seven opportunities within us (nervous system, exercise, metabolism, brain hemispheres, bodily fluids, enthusiasm, quality-awareness). Easily and soundly, you will learn proven techniques to reenergize your brain as well as your body.

What do you mean precisely by the seven opportunities you just mentioned? It sounds like a very holistic approach. How did you end up connecting all of these different aspects?

For a disc in your spine, it makes no difference whether you are a vegetarian or a vegan. If you don’t do something about your muscular balance, your back is going to hurt. Every system in the body is looking for perfect balance. In daily life, many people hide behind their strengths. They are specialists in one area, be that healthy eating, jogging, meditation, yoga. The consequence – they are amazed when it doesn’t seem to function as a whole. More and more of the same thing simply results in more and more one-sidedness. All the essential pillars of regeneration require a healing counter-pole, in most cases, something you would instinctively prefer to avoid. In life out there, the counter-pole is a challenge; in our personality, it is the other half which makes us whole. What is missing? The missing component is actually the ability to restore your energy. But that is also your salvation.

Yes, you are right indeed. But how can I put this into practice in my daily life? What method delivers energy to me fastest? What are my easiest opportunities for regeneration?

The whole world is talking about renewable energy. That said, we should begin with ourselves. It is essential to focus on what’s happening inside since, the more you live in distractions, the more you are being remote-controlled. “If you aren’t at home in your own skin, you are not actually at home anywhere”. If you are easily manipulated, this is due to a body that is uncentered and that lacks solid roots, lost due to a constant drive to perform. Conscious regeneration doesn’t merely give you greater strength and balance and put you in a better frame of mind, it also reduces illness significantly. Naturally, since you are no longer living on the “never-never”. The brand-new online platform “REGENERATION 365” shows you how to put all of this knowledge into practice in your daily life immediately.

And if I am ever totally stressed out and can’t avoid the situation, what can I do to keep a cool head? 

Stress is an emergency mechanism inside us. It’s a good thing, it can save our life. The recipe for de-stressing is very individual, though the solution is already inside us.

1. Burn off those stress hormones through calibrated exercise.

2. Only then can you use targeted synchronization exercises in your brain to escape the mental hamster wheel and treat yourself to much-needed meditative moments.

3. Connect once a day with your inner fire of enthusiasm, because renewed vigor awaits you in the unique mixture of your own archetypes.

For vitality that is truly harmonious, in your opinion how often per week and in what form should I engage in sports?

In the interest of our vitality, we need to keep sport and exercise separate in our mind. That happens in the head. It isn’t the type of sport that causes problems, it’s the mindset. If you are constantly driven by the need to perform, you are not replenishing your energy reserves, you are in battle mode. Every movement that recenters your cardiovascular system and musculature, that floods your body with oxygen and neutralizes adrenaline, does you good.

As a general rule of thumb: You will gain greater vitality if you exercise 3 times a week, maintain your level at 2 times, but if you are aiming to reduce, then once will suffice ;)

A message to take with you

What parting message do you have for us, one that moved and guided you in your own life?

Quit the idea of “performance at all costs”. That way of thinking no longer works. One-sidedness is no longer worthy of people in the modern world. From the perspective of your body and your mental state of mind, you only need to consider one thing: If you are doing it voluntarily, it’s regeneration. If you do it involuntarily, then it’s therapy or rehab. There is a great strength inside you that wishes to remain healthy and vital, happy and positive. Holistic regeneration connects you to the sunny side of your being. “Every day you are unable to get in touch with your own enthusiasm, is a day of energies lost.” Words of wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine!


Thank you for your time, Mr. Mühlbauer, and all the tips and pointers you shared with us.