2.129,23 km

Just as we did back in 2019, Bründl Sports decided to put together a Wings for Life World Run team in 2020, while pledging to donate one additional euro to the Wings for Life Foundation for every kilometer accumulated by Team Bründl Sports.

Bründl Sports employees, family members, friends and fans were able to achieve a fantastic result. In total, the 122 members of Team Bründl Sports ran 2129,23 km, which ranked us 18th in the world. 

In addition to the €4751 which we collected through entry fees and private donations, thanks to the 2129,23km we ran, we were able to add an additional €2200 donation of our own. 

100% of the entry fees and, of course, 100% of donations goes to the Wings for Life Foundation, in other words, directly into spinal cord research and the hunt for a cure for paraplegia.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Wings for Life Worldrun Monika Handl