Klammsee lake is located south of Kaprun, surrounded by high cliffs and steep mountain slopes clad in spruce and larch. Bathing in the sunlight, Christoph Bründl and his old acquaintance, mental coach Christo Quiske, go for a walk along the lakeshore. “Christo is my coach because he has learned and explored countless of life’s truths,” says Christoph. The two have known each other for 18 years, and each year they spend several days together to swap ideas.

Along the way, Christoph and Christo cross wooden planks over brooks that burble with clear water; while snow crunches underfoot. The sun is glittering on the ice that covers the lake. “For many people, the problem is the difference between world and ego,” Christo says, and sits down on a bench at the side of the lake. “The ego is forever busy being better than the others. That continuous rating of the world and what happens around you cannot make you happy in the long run.” It is better to accept that life is fluid and to master the flow with a lighter touch. Christo recommends returning to a state of openness and clarity. But how? “Perceive the world as if through a camera, namely the way it is,” Christo suggests. “Pause several times each day for a moment; stop thinking and judging things for that moment.”

The more frequently you do that, the more you can convince yourself: This is my natural state. “In this way, things around me don’t weigh me down as much and I can be happier.”

That which you seek, is yourself.
Christo Quiske

The trees start to cast long shadows, the sun has disappeared for the day behind the mountain peaks, and the two start to wander back along the lakeshore. So how do we find the path to happiness and the meaning of life? “Accept that what you do is OK,” says Christo. “What you search for is simply you yourself.” Christoph nods and shakes wet snow from his shoes. “I intend to have many more walks with Christo. There’s so much more to learn.”

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