A circular economy explained simply

The 8 R`s on the path to greater sustainability

A linear economy basically equates to using and throwing away. But by embracing our motto "R = Rethink", here at Bründl Sports we aim to become a driving force for an economy that is “circular” instead.

Our strategy for a sustainable business philosophy in the context of the sports retail sector is based on the “8 R’s” for a sustainable economy:

  • Repair
  • Reuse
  • Return
  • Reduce
  • Rethink
  • Resell
  • Recycle
  • Rent (!)
Die 8Rs der Kreislaufwirtschaft
Die 8Rs der nachhaltigen Kreislaufwirtschaft
Herbert Neumayer
"Our rental service is a superb example of how we can deemphasize consumerism: The high-quality rental equipment gets used far more and, after 1-2 years, is sold to Eastern Europe, which also helps promote ski sports there".
Herbert Neumayer
Executive Board Human Resources & Rent

Tip: Simply rent your ski garments

Maybe you want to give skiing a try for the very first time, or you only get out in the snow occasionally. In that case, why not go ahead and rent trendy ski clothing?

This winter season, for the first time, we are also renting out skiwear in our shops located at the Maiskogelbahn valley station in Kaprun and the Penkenbahn valley station in Mayrhofen. 

A perfect opportunity for you to reduce your holiday “footprint” and be gentler on your holiday budget.

Additional services & improvements in our rental services

  • Regular paper for cash register receipts contains pollutants and has to be disposed of with the rest of the residual waste. However, we now use recyclable thermal paper rolls exclusively, 100 % free from any chemical additives.
  • Paper invoices produce tons of unnecessary waste. In future, we will email our invoices for rental services directly to the customer. Not only is this more resource-friendly, it is also more practical for you.
  • Our offer "Try & Buy" is also a fantastic example of a sustainable business approach: If you first have a chance to check out a product for yourself, you’ll be more certain of making a good decision and less likely to return the item. The results are clear: more efficient use of natural resources and a far happier customer!
Tailor Shop Bründl Sports Flagshipstore
“Our vision is to have our very own Bründl Sports Second-Hand Market. In future, this is where you will be able to have your used equipment repaired or sell it on, as well as buy high-quality second-hand gear.”
Christoph Bründl

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