Warm up

Why you should not simply set off running

Have you ever tried putting your foot down with a cold engine? Without a warm-up, our muscles and joints struggle just as much as a car starting in the cold and they, too, suffer damage in the long run. With an effective and well thought-out warm-up, your body is prepared for the upcoming strain. Your muscles are activated, and the oven is warmed up, so to speak. On the one hand, this minimises the risk of injury, and on the other, a warm-up session improves your performance significantly. Our fitness coach Basti will show you the best way to get warmed-up before your run with a few simple exercises.

Cool down

Stretching after running? Seriously?

Just as our muscles are activated during a warm-up, a stretching session after running improves the mobility of our joints. Firstly, the muscles, ligaments and tendons remain flexible, which makes it easier to begin the next training session. In addition, the risk of obtaining injuries caused by running is reduced, you avoid aching muscles and the recovery phase is accelerated. Ambitious athletes know how it works: If you make plenty of time for your body and mind to recover, you can plan your next running session sooner. Are you curious as to the most useful way to stretch after strenuous training? Our fitness coach Basti, from Injoy Kaprun, will tell you!


All people are different–athletes too. Some prefer to run as soon as they get up, and others wait until they have finished work. For some, running on an empty stomach is just the thing, but others need to fuel up first. In just the same way, each body reacts differently to certain exercises, even for the warm-up and cool-down. Try to test out as much as possible and listen to the signals your body sends.

You should note the following points:

  • You should complete awarm-up before every training session.
  • Warming up is intended to prepare the muscles for exercise and not to counteract it. So you should choose the exercises that are right for your own training.
  • A cool-down after running is even more important than thewarm-up. After all, beginning a little more slowly and allowing the engine to preheat first nearly always works. However, a sudden cool-down is not at all sensible or healthy.