What to look for when buying a bike?

Depending on your body size, you ultimately need an adapted frame so that the bike is not too long (good control), but also not too short (straight back). In this regard, however, everything is measured exactly during a consultation on site. The type of tire is usually settled with the question of what type of wheel suits me and what goal I want to pursue with it. Regarding the rims, one should either rely on aluminum or carbon, which is of course a question of price. The circuit also plays an important role, as several gears tend to make riding easier. Depending on the use, a distinction is made between a derailleur (95% of the wheels) or a 1x12-speed (front only more 1 sprocket), which have the more modern bikes. Also the suspension should offer comfort and not be the cheapest, otherwise you do yourself and your body no good. Here you need to find out whether it is only needed for everyday or also for trail riding, because that also depends heavily on the suspension travel.

Finally, you best make a short test ride with your favorites to get a better feeling and dive into the driving fun.

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Tips: bike purchase for kids

First things first: Make sure your child comes with you when you are ready to buy the bicycle. Finding the right size of bicycle isn’t only about knowing how tall your children is. Your child’s inside leg length and skill level are also key factors. More details in the article. 

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